20 July 2010

Book Review of Sandra Cox's book Flower Power.

“The world of publishing is changing,” they said. “If you want to sell your book these days, you have to ‘get out there’ and get yourself noticed!”

“Geese! I like my seclusion, what do you mean I have to ‘get out there’?”

“You need to visit author blogs and websites and leave comments for one.” They went on to list several other essentials for the debut author , but after belly-aching for a couple of months I finally got off my butt and began my foray out of my comfort zone and low and behold almost immediately I won a contest for leaving a comment.

My Prize? A personalised pdf copy of Sandra Cox’s Flower Power.

And what a prize!

This book is a veritable wealth of knowledge backed up by stunning black and white photographs with the colour versions available for download at her site.

“I’ll just take a peak",” I told myself before getting ready for an appointment I couldn’t get out of. I almost missed it. When I returned home I promised myself I’d get those pesky household chores caught up before I went near the PC.

Oooops, “Whaddayamean they’re still not done?”

Did I mention the wealth of information in this book? I did? Well, O.K. but really, it’s crammed full.

Sandra Cox provides links for further information and where you can find the plants included in her book.

And if a pdf version isn’t enough, you can also obtain the print version. Now you have no excuse not to discover what that unidentified plant is that’s flourishing in your garden and you keep forgetting to ask about when you visit your garden centre.

Sandra describes her visit to a daylily farm and her enthusiasm carries you along beside her. You want to ‘be there’ too.

Now I LOVE azaleas, the range of colours they display is awesome, and yet, did you know they are categorized as a danger to health? I didn’t.

And one of my all-time favourites… Lily-of-the-Valley is dangerous for animals? Wow!

Ms Cox takes you through a list of Carnivorous Plants and then follows this up with a section about plants that are edible.

Now, I could go on. I really could! But if you want to know what else she talks about I suggest you put your hand in your pocket and buy this dynamic and charming book. You won’t be disappointed.

Visit Jupiter Gardens for more information aboout Flower Power.

And to buy the book visit Jupiter Press

1 comment:

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks so much, Sherry. What a wonderful review. And speaking of the Daylily Farm. The Rumples were kind enough to give me several daylilies that were absolutely gorgeous this year. Wish I could say the same for my Irises. sigh.