13 October 2010

Travelling Companions

These silken bars that hold me in
this prison I have made,
like spiders web that I've contrived
make me more afraid.

The mirror's grime no more reflects
my dreams of yesteryear
Is this a choice that I have made

to make me feel so drear?

Tomorrow's arrow pierced my heart
requesting sorrow be denied.
No armour am I given.
With no reasoning supplied.

Faith came in with sister Trust,
companions on my walk.
Self-love and harmony
the subject of their talk.

Along came Hope and Destiny,
their message much the same
"There are some things in life
for which there is no blame."

Fear then tried to muscle in,
voice harsher than the rest
"Don't listen to them my child.
You know I never jest."

I felt him slither down my spine
with his persuasive skill.
He touched my fiercely beating heart

and almost squeezed it still.

Then Grace arrived in nick of time
her voice a soothing balm.
Her breath of life filled me anew
with resonance of calm.

To face my fears, I must admit
I've reached a time of change,
I've turned around, a life renewed.
A very good exchange.
(Copyright Sherry Gloag 2004)


KK Brees said...

You're a versatile woman, Sherry! Nice post.

Sherry Gloag said...

:-) Thanks Karen.