13 March 2011

Tsunami Prayer

Tsunami Prayer 2011


Life continues
Its daily path
Until it’s gone

City hearts beat
To the rhythm
Of their conceit
So uncaring

Locals fishing
People working
Children wishing
they were grown up.

The Earth’s fury
Erupts again
Unseen jury?
Judgement metered?

A shaking fist
Beneath the surface
The buildings twist
Topple and fall

Havoc threatens
Nightmares hover
Ignored omens
Now coalesce

Nature masses
Not far off shore
First wave crashes
Screams rent the air.

Stunned disbelief,
Horrors unfold,
An Earthly thief
Steals Its children

The death tolls rise
Across the Land
None can disguise
A world in shock.

At Heaven's Gate
Are many souls
Where Angels wait
To embrace them.

For this cruel theft,
In silent prayer
To those bereft,
My heart goes out

copyright JA w/a Sherry Gloag 2011

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