31 July 2012

Tuesday Tales - Prompt - Blue

:-) Another week, another Tuesday Tales promt.  This week it is BLUE.  I have skipped forward in my WIP from last week and now my hero and heroine are heading for the Pyrenees and the French border.

From the vast acres of deep green foliage of the woods several feet below them now, Honor took in the tranquil blue of the Mediterranean sky, the vast expanse of green slopes dropping away from them, criss-crossed with hard-packed tracks that would turn into muddy rivers after a downpour of rain. Shiny outcrops of rock spearing through the green shimmered in the sunlight. Bird song, not the cry of battle, filled the sky. Only the clip-clop of the mules’ hooves disturbed the humming insects as they passed.  And still the heaviness of intuition told Honor they were not alone.

"How can you be sure we have moved away from Phillipe's recommended routes?  Have you been here before?"

“Of course not. We alway took our leave in a town where we could relax and top up on our personal items of need.”

“A hard life.”

Honor barely heard the words he spoke so quietly.

“We knew how to play, make no mistake, we had good times. I can’t deny it, life could be tough, and yet the friendships are the sort that will last a lifetime.”

Her voice trailed off as the image of three men pulling her husband off his horse and dragging him out of the camp ambushed her.


Karen Cino said...

Your opening paragraph is packed with description. You painted a wonderful picture helping me to put the characters in the scene. Good job.

Lindsay said...

Lovely description of what she could see.

Jean Joachim Books said...

Love the description! But you left us hanging! Damn!!This is a great story!!

Sherry Gloag said...

Thanks for your lind words Laren. I had problems trying to get the scene right, so appreciate your comments.

Sherry Gloag said...

:-) Thanks Lindsay

Sherry Gloag said...

:-) LOL, Jean. Thanks for your kind words. Glad you're enjoying this.