12 January 2015

Samantha Darling ~ Author Spotlight - Time

Please welcome Samantha Darling and of her second novel Time
I live in Essex, not to far from London, with my identical twin boys and our two Bedlington Terriers. We're crammed into our rather cosy two up-two down terrace and we can barely swing a cat, but hey, we love it. I work part time as a nurse but when I'm off duty, you will find me either chasing the toddlers around like a headless chicken, head buried in a book or tapping away at my stories.

I have always loved to read and romance and women's fiction are by far my favourite genres! 

Reading and writing go hand in hand and from the day I could read, I enjoyed writing. To put pen to paper and conjure up weird and wonderful little stories was what I thrived on! English was my favourite class at school right throughout to secondary - and I will always be thankful for the teachers who gave me the opportunities to develop and be creative! If I remember rightly, one of my first stories was called 'The Turkey Who Could Talk'...but I'll tell you more about that some other day :-) 


“Babe, it’s okay. Let the doctor finish.” 

With those words, Isobel Smith had no idea of the months ahead. Not long married, pregnant and a wonderful future promised with her husband, Jason, her hopes and dreams die in that one simple sentence.

Follow her in her harrowing journey as Isobel learns the resilience of the female spirit, and gradually puts her life back together for the sake of their child. 

James, her husband’s best friend, is the rock that keeps her together. 

But will James’ own battle with his grief end up tearing them apart? 

Harrowing and gritty, you must not miss this emotional read from debut author, Samantha Darling, as she takes you on a heart wrenching but ultimately uplifting journey.

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Samantha Darling said...

Thanks for having me on your blog sherry x

SherryGLoag said...

:-) Your very welcome, Samantha. I enjoyed this book very much.