11 January 2017

Books Revisited ~ Debra St John's Challenge: #sellathousand

Please give a warm welcome to Debra St John who is allowing us to Revisit with her book New Year's Eve at the Coral.
And she is starting th2017 off with a bang... and a challenge.  Read on -- and don't miss out on the opportunity to take part in her fabulous offers.
The Challenge: #sellathousand

When I submitted this story, my editor told me books of this length don't sell well. My immediate thought was how fun it would be to prove her wrong. (In the best way possible!)

Almost immediately an idea began to form. As crazy as it sounds, I decided to challenge myself to sell a thousand copies of this book.  Why a thousand, you ask? Simply because a hundred didn't seem like enough (LOL).

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee (and I'm not even talking about one of those fancy frou frou ones) you can help me win this personal challenge. All you have to do is buy a copy of the book.  (Passing word of the challenge along to your reader friends would be appreciated, too.)
New Year's Eve at The Corral
Tina Perkins thinks falling in love with your best friend is a tired cliché. She's had a flirty friendship with Nick Jameson forever, and she likes it that way. Until she's dared to sleep with him and suddenly can't stop thinking about what it would be like to cross that friends to lovers line.

Nick wants Tina. Badly. New Year's Eve is the perfect time to make a resolution to get her into his bed. He doesn't want to ruin the friendship they share, but adding 'with benefits' to the label would make things perfect.

As the clock ticks closer to midnight, there's a lot at stake. Will a night of passion ruin everything or lead to a lifetime of love?
* * * * * * *

Tina and Nick have been flirty friends for years. All of their friends at The Corral are always teasing them about hooking up. Here's a little peek at a text conversation between Tina and one of the other waitresses, Darla.
DARLA  Wanna catch a movie before our shift tomorrow?
TINA  Nick and I are planning on seeing one. You can come along if U want 2.
DARLA  No thx.
TINA  Y not?
DARLA  Don't want 2 interrupt your cozy 2some.
TINA  What evs. Seriously, come along.
DARLA  Nope. Wouldn't want to be in the way in case you 2 finally leave your life of denial behind and start to make out or something.
TINA  That's not going to happen. We're just friends.
DARLA  Riiiight. And I'm Prince Harry's new girlfriend.
TINA  Oooh, is he as sweet in person as he appears in the press?
DARLA  Hardy har har. Don't change the subject. When are U and Nick going to hook up? U know U want 2. HE wants to. Just give in 2 the inevitable.
TINA  Not gonna happen. We're FRIENDS.
DARLA  Do U believe yourself when U spout that nonsense?
TINA  Are U going 2 come with us or not?
DARLA  Nope. 3's a crowd and all that.
TINA  Give it up, will U?
DARLA  I can't wait til the day I get to open a big ol' can of I told you so.
TINA  Don't hold your breath.

* * * * * * *
You might be thinking: What's in this for me? Well, I'll tell you...
First, you get to read a great story! You also have the chance to win  some prizes. (And who doesn't love prizes?) If you buy a copy of the book, if you tell a friend (or two or three or ten....you know, like those old commercials: And she told two friends and she told two friends and so on and so on...), if you Tweet about the challenge or post about it on Facebook, or if you leave a comment here, you can earn Rafflecopter entry points.
The winner of the Rafflecopter drawing will get a paperback set (autographed of course!) of the original Corral series:
This Time for Always,
This Can't Be Love,
This Feels Like Home
(If you're outside the continental U S of A the set will be digital.)
AND digital copies (in the format of your choice) of the first four books in the Holidays at The Corral series
Valentine's Day,
Fourth of July,
So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a copy of New Year's Eve at The Corral !

Happy Reading and many, many thanks for participating in my challenge!
P.S. If you can't wait to find out if you've won copies of the holiday books, they are on sale for half price for  most of the month of January 2017.



Debra St. John said...

Hi Sherry...

Thanks so much for having me here today and for letting me give a shout out for my #sellathousand challenge.

Nick and Tina's story was a fun one to write, as they'd been featured as background characters in all four previous Holidays at The Corral stories. It was a blast to finally give them their turn in the limelight! :)

SherryGLoag said...

I'm delighted to have you visit THoR Debra. Best wishes with the book.