14 January 2010

Another First!

This Monday, the 18th January the well known and well loved historical and comtemporary romance writer Barbara Edwards is my first interviewee, and will be talking about her latest books and other things.  Please come along and leave your comments.

On February 1st Clive Warner will be sharing  how he juggles his many hats as an author, publisher, editor and book cover designer. Although not a writer of romance he talks about the importance of romance to almost every genre of writing.  He has many valuable tips to share with readers.

 Nik Green will interview here on February 15th to promote her new book "Love Out of Order", which releases in February by Genesis Press and share her experiences of her recent book signing.

On March 29th Kristy Bock talks about the release of her first book, Divine Touch on April 8th in her 'The Divine Ones' series book contract with Red Rose Publishing. She plans seven books in series.   She shares with us, her secret of how she fits her writing in between working full-time from home, and parenting of her four children.

Prolific writer Lesli Richardson (who also writes as Tymber Dalton) and inspirational writer Robin Bayne will be guesting on dates yet to be arranged.

Please come along and support them all, and if you have a book you want to promote or a subject you'd like to share, there are plenty of spaces waiting for occupants, please email me


StrugglingToMakeIt said...

Thanks so much! I'm so glad you're starting this series of interviews. I can't wait for my week!

Sherry Gloag said...

Nik, I'm excited too, and looking forward to the 15th next month. Please spread the word and tell all your friends about it :-)

StephB said...

Barbara Edwards sounds so familiar to me...grrr...Sounds like a great line up, Sweetie! Looking forward to it!


Sherry Gloag said...

Thanks Steph, Thanks for coming by. There are several more guests coming up soon, so, please, keep watching this space :-)