6 January 2010

Happy New Year Goals and Guest Blogs

I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful holiday and that 2010 is promising to be a good year for you.

As ever there is talk, all around, of goals and goal setting.  Knowing I break them before long, I used to make mine very simple in the vain hope I'd keep to them!  This year I am obliged to join the real world, so have set a couple of hum-dingers, for me.

The first is self discipline.  For some that is as easy as breathing.  For me it equates with standing on top of Everest, and I've never wanted to do that!  It is a real biggie.  Like crawling down into the deepest darkest, dankest cave on the planet.  I don't want to go there either!!  But I do want to acquire at least a smidgeon of self-discipline, so... here goes!!

The other is time management.  Again, I've promised to achieve this goal before, but...
Hmmmmmmm  I rarely wear a watch!  What!  be serious?  Oh!  must I? 
Very well, if you insist!  Seriously, I am an award winning procrastinist.  By 'putting it out there', I've made it official, if you like. I'm going to  have to make a greater effort to honour my committments this year, if I don't want to lose face..

Why ramble on about this, here and now?  Well it's  a long winded way of saying I hope to maintain a regular presence on this blog and post weekly. 

Also I hope to generate a regular Guest Spot here, and am taking this opportunity to announce that my first guest interview is with historical and contemporary romance writer Barbara Edwards on January 18th
Please come and support us and leave your comments. I'm sure Barbara will  respond.

If you are interested in Guesting on my Blog, please email me.  Being a 'new girl on the block', there's plenty of spaces waiting to be filled!!

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