9 March 2010

The one's you wish you'd written

How many times do you come across a line or phrase that catches you by the throat and you think 'I wish I'd written that!'? 

Well today it happened to me.  It may be that when you read it, you'll wonder what all the fuss is about, but then, that's the wonder of writing - and reading.  What grabs one reader's attention will bypass another without rising above their radar. 

Diversity:-)  - that's what writing is all about.

Take my own genre, romance.  Not so long ago there were half a dozen sub-genres. Today the 'romance' genre encompasses almost every other writing genre going, and has even added several new ones, too.

So it's not surprising there is such a vast diversity of opinions out there.

I belong to a wonderful group IWW where I have met and learned from some amazing writers,  and today  I opened my email and read through one of the current topics, 'The Novel-writing Process‏'  I was intrigued by the number of variations used by writers before and during their writing process.  And then I opened an email by Richard Bylina and in it was a line I wished I'd written...

"And each time, it's done differently, because inspiration and hard work are like bickering lovers unable to survive alone."

I'd love to hear what your favourite lines are and where they come from.

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