29 March 2010

Please give a warm welcome to debut author ~ Kristy Denice Bock

Please give a warm welcome to my dear friend, and talented writer, Kristy Denice Bock who's debut novel, Divine Touch, releases on April 8th with Red Rose Publishing.

What/who has been your greatest inspiration?
My greatest inspiration in writing has been my father, who can tell a story so believable that when you find out it was something he just came up with, you question him making it up before you question why you believed something that turned out to be a tall tale. The gift to tell a good tale is something that runs rampant through my family, from coming up with a believable excuse to entertaining large crowds. The ability is something that has always struck me as a good thing to grab from the gene pool. I just took it a step further and put my tall tales in writing.

What has been your greatest fear you’ve had to overcome as a writer?
Fear is something that I deal with in small doses. One minute I’m afraid that everything I write is complete crap and unworthy of being read. The next I worry that I’m going to make my editor go blind with numerous errors and issues that I should be able to have fixed. Then I’m terrified that someone will read the book and hate it. I worry that my mother will read It and disown me (not for content but because it doesn’t live up to the likes of her favorite authors) Then I worry that it will collect dust and go unread for the rest of eternity. I get over these fears by writing the next book. I can’t stress too much about what I can’t change if my mind is properly engaged.

What do you do to relax?
Sleep. I’m an uptight person, so the only time I’m truly relaxed is when I’m watching the back of my eyelids.

Did you always want to write and if not what triggered your passion for writing?
Yes. My parents bought me an electric type writer when I was fourteen years old. I lost my way for a few years but came back with a vengeance. I knew I’d write.. never once questioned it… I just took a while to get started on that first book.

Are you a pantser or a plotter? If a plotter which comes first your characters, your settings or your plot?
I think about plotting. I think so hard I give myself a headache, so I just write and see where it takes me. Every other chapter I’ll go back and make sure everything Is moving in the same direction.

What kind of goals do you set?
Flexible ones. I’m a single parent of four children… goals aren’t my forte. Actually neither are schedules… appointments… structure…

Whose POV do you prefer…hero/heroine/villain/multiple?
I think every main character’s point of view is crucial to fully engage the reader. I want my reader to know what my bad guys are up to, it’s more fun when the reader knows more than the hero/heroine.

What is your favoured writing routine? Do you have a set routine and place to write?
Hmm, somewhere quiet (meaning no kid distraction because I have to blast music to drown out conflicting thoughts.) I often have a hard time focusing on what I’m working on with other stories, characters and ideas interfering so I play music very loud to help me with the task at hand. (And hope the kids stay asleep or that school doesn’t let out early for some unknown reason)

Which do you prefer, background music or silence when you write?
Loud, obnoxious, bass thumping music.

What book are you reading at the moment?
Right this moment I have far too much to do to read a book, which makes me very sad. I hope to soon pick up something fun and light. I pick books depending on my mood. If I want to cry… I pick up something that will make me cry, and sometimes if lifes just been overwhelming, well its time for a light and fluffy happy book.

Who is your favourite author?
Um, at the moment Mary Janice Davidson with her undead series. Tomorrow who knows… it changes with the last book I read.

Some writers stop reading while writing because the feel it influences their writing. Do you read while working on a current writing project?
Not while I’m focused on the project, but if I need a break from writing, reading helps me clear the circuit board so that my mind is not so wrapped up on my work in progress.

How do you deal with criticism?
Cry. LOL I’m such a wuss. Then I put my big girl panties on and read the criticism. If its something that will make the story better I go with it, if I see no positive aspects in it, I ignore it.

What do you do when your mind blanks?
Walk away or start deleting. Once I deleted three chapters until I found what bothered me. (this is not the most productive way to write a book, but it works for me.) I will also use a program called Write or Die and it helps tremendously with moments when the words just will not come.

What books and wip are in the pipeline for the future? (Plug your series as much as you like here!! LOL)
I created a world where there is another race of people living among us. They are omnipotent and are called the Divine Ones. Six Goddesses who have made a deal with the Human council that they would limit their involvement in human life, for the sake of their children. Their children would grow up among the human mortals and then pass three trials to prove they are capable of having their natural birth powers, and yet retain the balance with the humans.

Divine Touch – Release date April 8th!!
Kate learns her mother is a Goddess and her boyfriend is a werewolf. What else could go wrong?

Divine Intervention – Written and submitted
Savannah's day goes from bad to worse when she's killed by the groom on her wedding day... that is until she meets Death.

Divine Purpose – being written as we speak…
Elle wanted to rewind time after she accidently turns the man she loves into a shadow creature. What good is finding out your mother is a Goddess if you can't do just that?

Divine Revenge
Ember has finally found the secret to destroying her father’s empire, and she knows just the demon to help her do it.

Divine Forgiveness
Faith knows the good in Cade outweighs the bad, she believe in him when no one else would, will her love be enough to save his soul?

Divine Rescue
Evelyn was no damsel in distress, she certainly didn't need Alex saving her every time something bad happened. She wasn't just the daughter of a goddess, she had special ways to get herself out of situations

Divine Redemption
Edereu had been given a second chance, but the one person who had been there for her at her worst, wanted nothing to do with her now that she changed. How could she convince Michael that his heart would be safe in her hands.

(I also have the first book of an angel series in the works that is tentatively named Fall from Grace.)

Any tips on promotion?
Don’t expect others to do for you what you can do for yourself. I have a blog Talk Radio show (Wednesday Nights 11pm Est) I have an active Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Ning. I plan on going to book signings as well as conventions in the next upcoming two years.

What advice would you give an aspiring writer?
Treat writing as a business. Dreams will give you an idea, but hard work, research and a business plan will get you so much further. Know your business, know your market, know your editor, know your publisher. Do not think that dreams alone will carry you through.

Do you have an excerpt from one of your books you’d like to share?

He stalked toward her, bringing his face a mere inch from hers.
“I could devour every inch of your skin and you would beg me for more. It most certainly would not suck.” Though he didn't touch her, her body tingled as if he had. She stared at him dumbfounded while her brain tried to prepare some type of appropriate response.
As she gaped at him, she realized he was changing. His jaw extended, conforming to an altogether new shape. The next thing she noticed was his eyes. They shifted from blue to black as the bone structure in his face changed, narrowing causing his eyes to set apart. His black hair spread the length of his body. It took every bit of control Kate possessed to not reach out and touch him.
His spine erupted, lengthening his torso as he dropped to his knees. Kate wondered for a brief moment if it hurt. His arms and legs shortened, turning into what she would expect a wolf's legs to look like. Though it only took a short period of time, his transformation captivated her.
Unable to stop herself, she reached out to touch him. The wolf turned its head toward her, baring its teeth but emitting no sound. Kate's hand stilled at the vision of the fangs, but her curiosity was stronger than her sense of self–preservation. Her fingers connected with soft black fur. She half expected it to be coarse, but it felt like silk.
What started as curiosity had turned into pleasure. Her hands stroked the length of the wolf's fur from the base of its neck to the hindquarters. With her face pressed against his fur, she breathed in his scent. The feel of his fur against her skin sent a ripple of heat through her body.
Shocked at her body’s reaction, she jerked her thoughts from a place they did not belong. With a need to return to reality, she backed away from the wolf Zane had become. Her breath caught at the sight of his eyes. Though her mind had turned him from werewolf to pure wolf, the sight of Zane in those black eyes made her all too aware of the man within the beast. He flashed his teeth again in what could only be described as a smirk and bounded away.
Kate sank to the ground, pulling her knees up to her chest with her arms wrapped around them. She exhaled slowly, emptying her lungs before taking in a shuddering breath.
“You know you've been celibate too long when a wolf turns you on,” she said aloud. The desire she felt as she stroked the soft fur encasing that body left her throbbing with want. She knew the moment she saw him again in male form she'd not be able to look him in the eye.
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Thank you, Kristy, for coming in today and sharing your thoughts and advice with us.
If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment, Kristy will be happy to respond.


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Very nice interview and I can't wait to read your books Kristy.:-)

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