27 April 2010

"A hunting we will go..."

Although at times it can be daunting, most of the time I'm happy to accept I'm not the brightest spark in the Universe! LOL.  So when faced with new learning curves, it can take some time for things to fall into place.  But when they do...
Then I start having fun. 
And so it is with setting up and creating a book trailer.
After weeks of frustration, a couple of days ago everything fell into place and all my picture hunting and music selections, while edifying, turned out to be hopelessly wrong in choices.  All the research is coming into its own, because my previous selections are all being tossed and I'm having great fun with new and more pertinent choices.
Many years ago I played around with Music Maker, and while it is no longer compatible with my current version of Windows (that's how long I've had it), I can still access the music and soundclips in a round-about method.
The trouble for me now, is, that I'm enjoying myself so much 'playing' with my options, it will probably take me as long again to complete the trailer as it's taken me to come to grips with how to do it in the first place!  LOL.
Never mind, back to the playground...

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