7 April 2010

Review of Circe by Anita Saran

Recently, knowing I review romanitic fiction for LASR,  author, Anita Sara, asked me to review her latest release Circe ~

Review of Circe by Anita Saran ~ Published by Mojocastle Press, LLC Price, Utah ~ ISBN: 1-60180-018-5

Anita Saran’s dry wit predominates her writing. As a reviewer of this story, my lack of knowledge of Greek mythology means I cannot fully credit the connections between the various gods and goddesses and their ilk, but it does mean I can still enjoy Anita’s humour.
She writes with a fluency and energy that has the reader turning the page eager to discover what further outrage she will depict next. Circe describes herself fully in the first chapter and thereafter you heave a sigh and follow her adventures and crises as they occur.
The thought of bearing a cloud for a son, who drifts in and out of the various dimensions and worlds, is fascinating. Her offhand opinions of her companions will have you loving her or hating her, but be assured of one thing you will not experience half-measures in your opinion of her.
To describe the various chapters is to give away more than Anita wishes the aspiring reader to know before she starts the book. But if you want a good laugh, a warped version of Greek mythology that is actually based on ‘factual’ tales, then this is the book for you.
If you are in need of transportation away from the daily tribulations of your life, then this is a ‘must-have’ read.
If you feel in the need to exercise your chest and lungs with a good and wholesome laugh, then buy this book, for you will get hours of fun and amusing entertainment.
If you are a fanatic of Greek mythology and find it hard to accept a perverse and quirky version of your beloved subject then be sure to have a strong ‘pick-me-up’ when you dip into this story, for while you may want to scream with frustration at the liberty she has taken, you will be too busy laughing to resort to any kind of outrage.
If you are looking for ‘something different’, then pick up this book. You will find it hard to put down until you’ve turned the final page.

Reviewed March 2010, by Sherry Gloag author of The Brat. Release date 1st Oct 2010.

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