12 March 2012

Tuesday Tales 13-03-12 Legs

Today's Prompt for this week's Tuesday Tales is LEGS. So I have chosen to offer a scene from the first of my Gasquet Princes series, From Now until Forever.

Thank you to everyone who visites and to those who leave comments, too. :-)

Unfurling his six-foot-five-inch frame, he scrambled to his feet. More dirt flew up around his shoes. He raced for the house, dove through the aperture and rolled beneath the solid pine table in the centre of the room.

Sunlight—bright, golden, offering false promises—cut a path across the floor to his sanctuary. “Shut the freaking door,” he snapped.

Stillness replaced the sound of gunfire. Even the birds, outraged by the disturbance of their tranquillity, fell silent.

Expectancy hung in the air.

What would their attackers do next?

The view from beneath the kitchen table changed the dimensions of the room. Chair legs, square and curving away from him, still managed to crowd his refuge.

The frayed hem of Mel’s jeans brushed her sun-kissed bare feet. Her sandals lay where she’d abandoned them beneath one of the chairs. A rogue ray of sunlight stroked the surface of the faceted coloured glass adorning her sandal-straps and shot rainbow beams of tinted light across the surfaces of the cupboards and nearby walls. Who would have thought the owner of those girly sandals could tote a gun as though it was second nature to her?


jeff7salter said...

love the photo. I do truly appreciate a gorgeous set of legs.

Sherry Gloag said...

I love it when 'a plan comes together,' Jeff :-) I hoped the pic would draw in a few people!
Thanks for coming by.

Lindsay said...

A really powerful scene.

Sherry Gloag said...

:-) Thanks Lindsay