10 December 2012

Francene Stanley is my guest today :-)

Please welcome friend and fellow author Francene Stanley today as she talks about her life and her books.
Take it away Francene,

At the age of forty five, I arrived alone in England, prepared to work as a nanny as a way to support myself after a disastrous failed marriage. Within a week, I landed a job with an advertising executive (similar to my husband's job) and a film representative.

During my time off, I visited Cornwall, the place of my forbears. The area stirred my imagination as did England, the green and pleasant land, so different to the blasting heat and withered plains of Australia.

During the year of working with their baby, I accompanied the family around the world, stopping off to stay with my mother in Adelaide, S.A. for a week.

After a new marriage and extensive travels, I started writing, using my heritage, my experiences and a star moonstone ring set in pure gold, which intrigued me with two cuts in the finger shaft.

My first book, Still Rock Water, echoes my life except for the ring projecting my main character into visions where, unable to control her own life, Liliha works out how to help others in difficult situations.

Members of the Internet Writers Workshop helped me hone my writing skills, and there, I formed a close link with Edith Parzefall. Her first novel, Strays of Rio, inspired me so much I wrote one of the vision encounters based on a character in her book. Edith and I formed a writing partnership and co-wrote a series of post-apocalyptic adventure novels, two of which have been published to date. Wind Over Troubled Waters

Two more will follow six months apart. All four mentioned books have been published in the past year.

You can find Francene at:
Website: http://francene--wordstitcher.weebly.com/

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Francene Stanley said...

Thank you Sherry, for letting me speak on your blogsite.

SherryGLoag said...

Hey :-) Francene, it's been apleasure to have you guest here. And I love ths sound of your book and it's now on my wish list. I'n hoping that I may catch up on some of my reading over the holiday.... Wishful thinking?
All the best with your sales. :-)