11 June 2013

Tuesday's Tales - Shoes. 11-06-13

Welcome to Tuesday's Tales!
A place where books are born. Thank you for stopping by.  This week's word prompt it Shoes.  This is an unedited complete short story.

Some women drooled over gourmet food, Lidia thought,  while others lusted after jewellery or the latest fashion in clothes. For her it was shoes.

She stood in front of the shop window and dreamed. It was the only shop she knew that carried all the top fashion brands in one place.

Once, she remembered with a smile, she’d actually gone inside and almost turned and run out again when one of the women had asked if she needed assistance.

“No,” she said, her mouth dry with desire, her hands sweaty with longing and her fingers itching to snatch just one shoe of its display and try it on.

She looked round, if there were other customers in the sop, Lidia couldn’t see them.

Had the assistance seen the longing in her eyes? She didn’t know, but when offered the chance to try on the Jimmy Choo shoes she let the dream override her sanity. With the encouragement of several members of staff, she’d gone on to try on several more. Every leading brand, she sighed, and smiled – and drooled, and kept going back to one pair that tugged at her heartstrings.  The feel, the style, the straps dancing over the sole of the soul and twining up her calf, as soft as a lover’s touch, and the heels. Robert, her brother called the stilts and often wondered how any woman could even want to walk in them, let alone accomplish the skill.

Lidia had never entered the shop again, but occasionally a member of staff, if they saw her would come out and have a chat.

But today was different. Today was a day for dreams to come true, thanks to her winning lottery ticket earlier in the week.

Not just a win, but one of those ‘it-only-ever-happens-to-other-people’ wins, that allowed her to pay off the mortgage on her flat, and to replace her own car and that of her parents. She’d tussled with her brother before he’d allow her to pay his student fees for the next four years.

“You can pay me back,” she'd promised, and smiled when he’d finally caved.

And now…?

Now it was her turn.

Lidia caught hold of the door handle, opened it and stepped inside…
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Iris B said...

And ??
You cant just stop there !!!!!
Looking forward to reading the next instalment. :-)

V.L. Locey said...

Great cliffhanger! Can`t wait to see what happens next. =)

Jean Joachim said...

Love this peek inside the head of a lottery winner and how the win makes a long-standing dream a reality. It's beautifully done as I feel her desire for the shoes and her humble attitude when she knows she can't afford them. Beautifully done, Sherry.

Sarah said...

I just adore this post. The description of the shoes and the soft leather is lovely. Oh, how I would love the lottery win to do something like she's about to.

Karen Cino said...

Okay, I love shoes too. The picture is also awesome, along with the descriptions. Just adored this post.

Lindsay said...

Great scene. I can't wait to read the entire story.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh .... lusting and drooling .... oh wait, did you have a story here? You should NOT have used this picture with your post. I WANT those strappy Gianvito Rossi boots!!
But yes, I did read the story too and loved it.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.. I feel her pain and then delight...

I think we must all have a secret plan for if ever we WIN big time...xx

Tricia Andersen said...

Beautiful description! I can't wait to see what happens in the store when she goes to make her fantasy a reality!

kathleen ball said...

Cant wait for more!!!

S.E said...

Nice writing.