28 October 2014

Tuesday's Tales ~ Ghostly

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This week's snippet returns to where we left off a couple of weeks ago.
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The put-put sound of the boat’s motor drew closer, seemed to Ludo to idle and then, slowly, faded away. Until he gasped for much needed air he hadn’t realised he’d been holding his breath. He looked back at his companion and noted the deep furrows between her eyes.
“Not disappointed are you?” Where the hell had that brainless line come from? He was, he knew that, but it didn’t mean she felt the same tug of— what? Attraction? Definitely.
Lust? Hell, yes, just say it as it was. It was one more crazy in twenty-four hours of crazy, the likes of which he’d never experienced before, and he’d experienced plenty of crazy in this lifetime.
The stare she directed at him should have douched the heat burning up inside him. It failed. He liked a challenge and unwittingly she’d sent out a challenge he’d take great pleasure in accepting.
The ghostly image of a dark-haired woman, her hair blowing in the warm breeze, her smile challenging the sun, snuck into his mind. He pushed it away. It was the past.
Gone. Dead and buried, along with his son, Jerrard. But this was another woman, no smile, for sure. But what a look, and he’d fall into those eyes anytime, dream or no dream. And this was no dream. The sound of the ignition whirring into life killed the distant memories and he looked at her then clung on as the car inched forward over the rutted track and headed for the main road.
Did she have a destination in mind? It seemed so as she didn’t hesitate to turn right and ease into the busy flow of traffic.
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Iris Blobel said...

Interesting snippet today ... lotsa questions .... or did I miss something?

V.L. Locey said...

Very interesting snippet!

SherryGLoag said...

Possibly because after last week's 'out-of-order' snippet this doesn't make sense, Iris! :-)

SherryGLoag said...

:-) Thanks Vicki

morgan said...

I feel the past still has a hold on him.

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

He is so interesting! I can't wait to see him open up to her. Well done indeed.