3 September 2010

Discover the things I didn't know about my main characters

Gina Williams and Ben Kouvaris, the main characters in my debut novel, The Brat, turned up last night and offered to release one piece of information each day, they did not share with me while I wrote their story.

* * *

Today Gina admits to her fear of confined spaces.

* * *
The ebook of The Brat comes out on 1st October with The Wild Rose Press.


Maeve said...

I'm right there with Gina! I hate close places. When I watch the updates about those poor Chilean miners. I can't breathe and have to remind myself I've got plenty of air. *shiver*

Sherry Gloag said...

I know what you mean,Maeve, I watch the news clips and am so in awe of they way those men are handling the situation.
Thanks for your comment.