12 September 2010

What did Ben reveal today that annoyed me so much? :-)

Ben's smile fueled my irritation with the man.  "Are you telling me that all the time I had other pilots flying you all over Europe you had... have a pilot's licence?"

"It's your own fault, you never asked."  He settled back against his wrap-around soft leather chair.  "You were so busy organising us, you never stopped to ask."

"Never stopped to ask?" The words almost choked me.  "I kept asking you about things all the way through the book."  Not normally quick to anger, Ben had me trembling with righteous indignation.  "And when I didn't you had plenty to say.  How come that small detail slipped your mind?"

"Well, you didn't ask me about that, did you?"  He rose with that effortless fluency of his and crossed to the wet bar and lifted a bottle Sherry.

I shook my head and wondered what else 'I'd forgotten to ask them about.

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Sandra Cox said...

Darn that Ben anyway.

Sherry Gloag said...

LOL He sure is a complicated guy.