30 June 2011

Duty Calls in print now

I am so excited today because Duty Calls is now available in print  at Black Opal Books & Amazon.com 
as well as in Kindle, Nook and other formats at several online outlets.

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She’d saved his life…
Rafe Hawk refuses to accept the inheritance, of a large English estate, and the title that goes with it, after his birth father’s death because the man chose duty over the woman he loved and their son.
So when he finds himself temporarily living at Kinsale Hall, he’s not prepared to trust anyone associated with the place, including Trudi Delaney and her daughter.
So why, when he looks into their eyes, does he suddenly remember a woman who may have lost her life after a storm while saving his over a decade ago?

Now he could destroy hers...
Instinct warns Trudi Delaney the arrival of the contemptuous American architect at Kinsale Hall will change her life forever. Especially when she discovers he spends so much of his time in areas of Kinsale Hall off-limits to visitors.
Eleven years after escaping from her psychotic husband with a stranger, she’s still plagued by nightmares of events she can’t remember. Events such as, who fathered her beautiful daughter?
Now more than a decade later, she is confronted by another stranger. Will this one destroy everything she holds dear?

What are people saying about Duty calls?

Rachel: "Very well written...

VF: Solid writing...

Lisa: interesting indeed!

t f-d: Rather good :)

K: I want to know more...

wo2011: This is very good writing. Sincere writing. Intelligently done...

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