4 June 2011

Zee's Review ~ Vigilant by Michele Hart

Title: Vigilant
Author: Michele Hart
Publisher: Book Strand Romance

I must say that this sequel is even better than Hart’s fantastic Luminous Nights. The opening pages throw you straight into a kidnapping scene on a subway-like cab car. You can instantly tell that the bad guys are trying to take a woman named Yadira for the purpose of their boss selling her off to the highest bidder. Then you have Weber, our beloved I-Marshal, who is there to make sure that is exactly what doesn’t happen. When the kidnapper is shot dead, the victim taken into custody and the entire subway car blown up with over 100 people dead, … that is when the adventure starts to happen.

This is a fast paced novel, full of action, plotting, and intrigue. People are not who they say they are, and nothing is as it seems. Vigilant kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time, not sure who to trust or what will happen next. I honestly believe fact paced, action adventure romances from Hart has become her bread-and-butter writing style. I just can’t get enough of it.

I loved the push and pull between Weber and Yadira. Neither can trust one another, yet they can’t afford to tackle Brinolis alone. Yadira can’t shake the thought of seeing Weber murder the love of her life on that subway car. She hates Weber but knows that he is also trying to protect her from falling into the hands of a slave-trader. Weber is very attracted to Yadira, but he can’t afford to get lost in his thoughts of her or else they can both be dead.

I cannot wait to read more from Hart. She is an amazing author and I declare Vigilant to be another hit in her serious. Vigilant is beyond 5 stars!

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calliopeswritingtablet said...

Vigilant is most definitely an exciting read. What I liked the most was the attention to scientific detail that allows the reader to realistically be there in the thick of things. On top of that, I did NOT see that ending coming! Great fun to read a book that keeps you on the edge to the last page. ~Rose Anderson

Sandra Cox said...

Wonderful review.

Cate Masters said...

Loved this review. I love Michele's work, but I need to catch up and read these! Thanks for featuring it.