6 June 2011

Zee's review ~ David Russell's Self’s Blossom

Title: Self’s Blossom
Author: David Russell

I first want to note that I loved Selene’s character. This woman is not your average shy-but-coming-into-her-own character. She is anything but shy. Selene is super confident about who she is and is not afraid to say so. She knows that she has an amazing body and has worked hard for it. Her attitude is unapologetic and her self confidence really shines off the pages. One might be thinking, ugh what a snob; I’d totally hate to read about a character like that. Selene is an honest character, sometimes too honest, and she knows who she is and likes herself… what is not to like about that.

I love that Selene went on vacation alone for the holidays. How many of us women can take a trip alone, or even dine alone in the very city we live in? But as I read I realized that traveling alone makes room for an adventure, an experience of a lifetime, that which would be tainted or not had at all if she has not taken the plunge to go on holiday alone. I can’t get enough of her independence!

I also like the way Selene doesn’t dwell on her mistakes. When she falters from her master plan and has an experience with a man at the beach, she quickly realizes that it was a mistake and brushed it off, moving forward from him and the encounter altogether with not a hint of gilt or self-loathing. This is something I think more women, including myself, should learn how to do – completely forgive ourselves for mistakes without beating ourselves up about it.

Russell has an amazing eye for detail and writes with a certain flair that makes you believe you are standing next to the author while he paints his story, having it all unfold slowly but with great satisfaction. Russell did a fantastic job at setting up the story, leading me exactly where he wanted me to go, without any confusion. Russell also has fantastic insight to a woman’s mind. Reading Selene’s thoughts, plans, and take on her life is very pure and honest. It’s like reading the things we say in our heads but never dare to utter aloud.

Self’s Blossom is a fantastic hit. Definitely a strong 5 of 5. If you are in the mood for a different kind of heroine, and new kind of story, Self’s Blossom is the way to go!

I can't tell you how much I am going to miss Zee's fabulous monthly input to The Heart of Romance with her wonderful reviews.  Thanks to Zee, I have discovered many authors I may not have considered otherwise.
I'd like to wish you all the best  for the future, Zee, and hope you'll pop in from time to time to say 'Hi'. 

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