25 July 2011

Hero, Logan, talks with Samantha Combs

Samantha Interviews Logan

Q: Joining us today is Logan Daniels! Welcome Logan.

A: Thanks. Great to be here.

Q: So, tell us about yourself.

A: Um, I’m Logan. I’m from Lancaster, New Hampshire.

Q: And you’re Serena Starr’s boyfriend?

A: Yeah

Q: So, tell us about your dealings with Christophe.

A: That tool? He’s a demon that’s hell-bent on ruining Serena’s life. He’s been after her since I’ve been in high school, tried to kidnap her, tried to kill me and my friends, DID kidnap my little sister, and would still be at it unless Serena and her coven sisters didn’t put a beat-down on him and stuff him into the hell-hole he belongs in.

Q: I hear you had a lot to do with that.

A: Yeah, well, it was a group thing.

Q: How are you and Serena?

A: We’re good. She’s great. I mean, she’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Amazing, really.

Q: Do you remember the first time you met her?

A: (animatedly) Oh, yeah. Totally. It was at school. She was just standing at the admin counter and she turned around and…that was it, you know. I just felt kind of zapped. (laughs and shrugs his shoulders) You could say I never had a chance.

Q: You weren’t the type to ask girls out?

A: Nope. Usually left that to my friends. But, I had to. She was gorgeous. Still is.

Q: How did you feel when she told you she was a witch?

A: Man, she timed that right! By the time she told me, I was so crazy about her, it didn’t even matter. She could have told me she was a serial killer and I would have just handed her a knife!

Q: Did that change when you realized she was being hunted?

A: Not even the littlest bit. Only thing that changed was for the first time in my life I cared about something other than myself. I just knew I would protect her with my life. (looks away as if the memory is too powerful)

Q: We know Christophe kidnapped your sister….how did that make you feel?

A: Serena opened up all these feelings in me, like the ability to love and care. A new one came out then….rage. And because by then I knew…well what I had learned about myself, I knew I was capable of joining in the rescue efforts.

Q: Lets talk about that, your training. Was that difficult?

A: I thought it would be, but it wasn’t. I had a goal, to rescue Jade and make Serena safe forever. I trained hard and it turned out to be the easiest thing I ever did because it had so much purpose. When you love someone, you realize you can do anything for them. You learn your potential is limitless.

Q: Wow, Logan. You are impressing me all over again.

A; Yeah, well. You could do it too, if you had too. Believe me.

Q: I doubt that. You are as special as Serena thinks you are. Thanks for talking with us today, Logan. I think everyone now has a better grasp of you and your motivations.

A: Thanks for having me.


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