24 July 2011

Samantha inteviews her heroine Serena Star

Samantha Combs Interviews her heroine: Serena

Q: Serena Starr, tell us a little about yourself.
A: Well, as you know, I’m a witch. I live in Lancaster, New Hampshire with family, Elizabeth and Tabitha. My parents died long ago.

Q: And your boyfriend is Logan Daniels?
A: (blushes) Yes. I think he’s the cutest boy at school.

Q; Whit Mountain High School in Lancaster was really your first taste of real school, wasn’t it?
A: Yes, we’d been home-schooled mostly before that.

Q: But not in what you’d call regular school topics, right?
A: (laughing) No, not exactly. Elizabeth taught Tabby and I things like spellcasting and potions along with reading and writing!

Q: When did your life start to change?
A: I guess you could say things started to get a bit hairy at the first school dance Logan asked me to. That’s where Christophe tried to first kidnap me.

Q: That must have been terrifying!
A: It was. But it was also the first time I realized Logan was someone I could depend on. Someone who could protect me. I guess I was already in love with him by then.

Q: Do you think it happened fast?
A: Yes! I was half in love with him the first time I saw him, practically!

Q: I don’t want to give too much of your story away, but something is revealed about Logan, isn’t it?
A: Yes. He finds out some things about his heritage that shook him to the core, but he is so grounded and has strength of character, he learns how to deal with the information easily.

Q: And he has a confrontation with Christophe alone.
A: He does. And battles magnificently. And began to realize there was an inner strength and quiet reserve of power within him that I never knew existed. And fell even more in love.

Q: (laughin now, too) You were a goner for him!
A: I was!

Q: But you had your work cut out for you, didn’t you?
A: Yes. Christophe wanted us both now. And he had discovered even more secrets about Logan’s sister’s bloodline as well.

Q: In the end of your journey, a huge battle requires the aide of many of your coven sisters. How did it feel to have so many of your sisters helping you?
A: Enlightening and empowering. These women are my sisters, my friends, and some of the most powerful witches in the world. I am still in awe of their talent. To see them in action is incredible!

Q: Together you were able to defeat Christophe?
A: You’ll have to read the adventure and see!

Q: Serena, thank you for joining us today! Join us next for a chat with your fated love, Logan.
A: That should be fun! And you’re welcome.


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