7 October 2011

Today Kerri interviews Judge Mom…Redux…

Guest Blog Day #3: 
Interview with Judge Mom…Redux…

Kerri is crouched down in a dark pit, the walls made from compacted mud.

Kerri: Hello? (she whispers shakily)

A flicker of light nearby draws her attention followed by the sound of clicking footsteps.

A sexy male voice with the hint of a British accent sounds: Who do we have here?

Kerri: Uh…I’m looking for Paisley?

The owner of the sexy male voice comes into view. He’s holding a small lantern which casts a wicked glow about his breathtakingly handsome face.

Sexy Male: She’s not here at the moment. Well, really she is here but she won’t be available to see guests for quite a while.

Kerri: (feels the sudden urge for a potty break) If I could just get back to my car, I’ll get out of your way then.

Sexy Male: Ah now, no need to be afraid. I’m Camden.

Kerri: (Eyes him warily) Nice to meet you, Camden. Are you a friend of Paisley’s?

Camden: Well, sort of. She certainly doesn’t appreciate my helpfulness though.

Kerri: (Not immediately convinced by his poor me routine) Well, I would be appreciative if you could get me back to my car.

Camden: (Reaches out and caresses Kerri’s cheek) Ssshh…let’s not worry about that right now.

Kerri: (Heart thundering inside her ears)

Zelef: Geez, leave the author alone, would ya?

Camden retracts his hand and turns toward Zelef.

Camden: Would you kindly mind your own business?

Zelef: You mind your own business. Paisley is looking for you.

Camden and Kerri: Me?

Zelef looks back and forth between the two of them who have responded in unison.

Zelef: Sorry girlie, she’s looking for Camden. You have to be going now. This interview isn’t going to happen.

Kerri: Sure. No problem. I just need to get back to my car.

Camden: I can take her to her car.

Zelef: No way. Get your demon mind out of the gutter and go find Paisley. She’s not happy.

Camden: What’s new?

Zelef: Excuse me?

Camden turns and gives Kerri a wry smile and a wink and then he’s gone.

Kerri: I think I’ve got enough information for my story.

Zelef: (shakes head and then leans in closer to Kerri) You can never write about what you’ve seen here. Never.

Kerri: (nods) No worries. No worries at all.

And really, this is all I can tell you about the time I attempted to interview the new Judge Mom and the time I spent in the Underworld. But what I can tell you is that if you enjoy many zany characters, one large dose of mayhem and chaos, and true collection of humorous situations…please check out Courting Demons. Warning: Fits of Laughter May Occur and Author Not Liable for any Spewed Drinks Damage to Computer Keyboard!

Book Title: Courting Demons


Paisley Barton was already having a bad day before she turned her husband into a rat.

First, she was fired by her boss and then came home to find hubby in the shower with a naked blonde chick. They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but this break-up may just unleash hell on Earth when Paisley casts a spell of vengeance against her philandering husband.

After her spell casting inadvertently opens a portal between dimensions, Paisley finds her family home transformed into a nightly courtroom for settling disputes between demons of the underworld and she’s the judge! If that’s not enough, she’s got to deal with a charming, ancient demon named Camden who wants to be her personal bodyguard while trying to explain her husband’s sudden, mysterious disappearance to sexy police Detective Dalton Briggs.

But Paisley will show them all that an everyday working mom is better equipped than most to deal with the mystical mayhem…and with a tempting demon hottie and a flirtatious young detective vying for her affection, she soon learns that being single again isn’t so bad after all.

“When a wronged wife turns her cheating husband into a rat, you know you have to keep reading! Kerri Nelson offers up a lot of fun and wild magic in Courting Demons!” --Bestselling author, Linda Wisdom, Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend

Author Bio:
Kerri Nelson discovered her love of writing at an early age and soon became a columnist for her local newspaper winning the Outstanding Young Journalist of the Year Award for her efforts.
After a fifteen year career in the legal field, Kerri fulfilled her lifelong dream of publication and is now an award winning multi-published author of nearly every genre under the sun (and moon) and also writes young adult fiction under the penname K.G. Summers.
A true southern belle, she comes complete with a dashing southern gentleman and three adorable children for whom she often bakes many homemade treats.
Kerri is an active member of Sisters in Crime and Romance Writers of America as well as numerous chapters including Futuristic Fantasy & Paranormal Writers and her Presidency of Celtic Hearts Romance Writers.

Read more about Kerri’s books at her website: www.kerrinelson.com
Follow her on Twitter here: www.twitter.com/kerribookwriter
Visit her industry blog here: www.thebookboost.blogspot.com

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© Kerri Nelson 2011

Kerri, it's been a pleasure having you visit The Heart of Romance, and I love your characters, they sure know their own minds and where they think your place is! 
Best wishes with Courting Demons.


Rebecca said...

Oooh, sounds like Camden has a one-track mind! LOL! Good thing Zelef came to your (ahem) rescue. Guess we'll just have to read the book to learn more about Paisley!

Thanks to Sherry for hosting Kerri!

kerribookwriter said...

@Rebecca~Yep. You've got Camden pegged but you have no idea! Thanks for stopping by so bright and early today. More hugs, K.

Jean P said...

Well Camden sounds like a character that doesn't like to take no for an answer and usually gets his way. How does Paisley keep him in line I wonder.

skpetal [at] hotmail [dot] com

kerribookwriter said...

@Jean~Oops--missed this comment from last week. Thanks for stopping by, Jean. Yep, Camden is a riot. Can't wait to hear what folks think of him after they check out the book.

As always, your support is appreciated!


kerribookwriter said...


Finally, the Day #3 Prize is A Gift Card to Amazon.com and the Winner is...drum roll...


Woot and CONGRATS!

Another thanks to the lovely Sherry for a fabulous blog party. Huggers, K.