15 April 2013

Spotlighting Samantha Combs - The Deadlies

Author Bio:
Samantha Combs is a Southern California author with eight published books: Her Young Adult paranormal titles, the Global Ebook Award-winning debut title SPELLBOUND, SPELLBOUND's sequel, EVERSPELL, GHOSTLY, and WATERDANCER, a middle grade horror called THE DETENTION DEMON, and her adult horror collections, TEETH AND TALONS and WAY PAST MIDNIGHT. HELLOWEEN is her eighth book and her third horror story collection. Her ninth is on its way to reader's hands as this is written.  She enjoys writing YA paranormals, both dark and light, and supernatural fantasy and romance, but it is her love of horror that started it all. Thanks, Mr. King.

When she’s not writing, she works full time and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. Her guilty pleasures include reality television, the Food Network channel and shoes. She truly believes she can accomplish anything if she has the right pair of shoes. And she adores totally inappropriate earrings.

Samantha loves writing and publishing her work and is in awe of the technological advances of our lives. With all of the genres there are for a reader, she has learned that writing paranormal and horror lets her share all the weirdness of everyday life in a not-so-everyday way. The foundation of a good story is all around her. All she has to do is….breathe.


When Calliope Flood catches the unwanted attention of prettiest and most privileged girls at her new school, she learns they are possessed of more than just good ole’ Southern charm; they are also possessed by the demons of the Seven Deadly Sins. 

 Whether she likes it or not, the Ravens want the pretty new girl to become one of their members.  Their club is so secret, only a select few know their truth.  As a budding journalist, Callie is more interested in investigating them than joining them.  When people begin to disappear, she soon discovers the Ravens aren’t just interested in her for her looks; slowly, she learns she’s a legacy.  Calliope enlists her eccentric Aunt, her new friends, and a quietly disarming Southern boy to form their own group, The Virtues, to free the girls, and the town, from the demons that have taken over their lives.


Walking into the cafeteria at lunchtime, Callie became uncomfortably aware of how few people she knew at this new school. She’d kept to herself mostly throughout the morning classes, not wanting to make waves, but more to get a lay of the land.  She decided she would do the same thing here in the cafeteria.   A quick scan around told her the only two people she did know by name, Meg and Suki, were nowhere in sight.  The lunchroom was in full swing and there was a long cue forming for food.  Reluctantly, she got in line and began to shuffle toward the counters without making eye contact with anyone.

            “You trying to hide from someone?”  The voice was husky, amused, and familiar.  She looked up into the denim blue eyes of Cayden Welliver.

            “No.  I just don’t know anyone.”

            Cayden snapped his heels together and bowed deeply from the waist.  Callie wondered if everyone at this school was going to bow.  Straightening, he said, “Then allow me to introduce myself.  Cayden Welliver, the Third, at your service.”

            “Callie Flood.”

            “Ah, I understand that’s Calliope Flood, niece to the esteemed and unpredictable Ms. Faith Flood, of Cranberry Lane, no less.”  Cayden gave her a winning smile.

            “You certainly are well informed.”

            “As all good reporters for the much hailed Holly Hills Hawk should be, my dear lady.”

            “And a reporter, too.  How lucky am I?” Callie drawled.

            “Are you always this hard to please?”

            “Are you always this happy?”

            “When I’m talking to the prettiest girl in school, I am.”


            “You’re not like the girls around here.”

            “And you are nothing like the boys from home.”

            “Were they as charming as us Southern gentlemen?”

            “Not exactly.”

            “Well, let me show you how we do it in the ole’ South.”  Cayden leaned forward and took Callie’s tray just as the lunch lady finished filling it and shoved it toward her.  Deftly, he reached into his pocket and paid the cashier before Callie could object.  He slung his backpack over his shoulder and balanced their two trays on one arm.  Sliding his other arm around Callie’s waist, he guided her down the line.

            “Follow me,” he instructed.

            Callie walked next to Cayden across the cafeteria, acutely aware they had become the focus of an uncomfortable amount of attention.  Uncomfortable for Callie only.  Cayden just sailed along like he didn’t even see them all staring at him.  Callie found herself envying him his ease.  It wouldn’t be the first time.  She also found herself admiring his frame, and a few other things as well. 

Samantha Combs, Author

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Patricia Kiyono said...

Callie sounds like a the kind of girl I wish I'd been. I need to check this out! Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

Marie Rose Dufour said...

Thanks for the sharing!!! It will be added to my long TBR list!!

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

Congratulations, Samantha! I enjoyed the blurb and excerpt for The Deadlies!

The cover is gorgeous! All the best:)

Tamara Hoffa said...

Congratulations, Samantha. Sounds like a great series!

Melissa Keir said...

Congrats Samantha! You are certainly hitting at the heart of how school is!

Best of luck!