5 February 2014

Love and Diamnonds - A Valentine Anthology

Like a diamond there are many sides to writing. And participate in writing, for Astraea Press's Valentine Anthology, with 14 other fabulous, and best-selling authors, for Love and Diamonds has been awesome... and I use that word with care.
As those who follow my blog will know, I am part of another writing group who offer weekly stories/scenes/snippets from larger, longer stories that are generated by a single word prompt. (Simply scroll back and read any post with 'TT' in the title.) 
Well, writing for this anthology was much the same. It brings out a camaraderie and fun of its own. Each author has their own interpretation of their prompt and for this anthology the title, Love and Diamonds, was our prompt.
Each author has written their own story, and by scanning their titles I have to say I am so looking forward to reading the other stories.
If you want to know more about Love and Diamonds and the 14 other authors, please head on over to Karen King's blog where my heroine, Sybil, from Queen of Diamonds, pestered me for more details.

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