11 December 2010

Lady Anstruther’s Tower

Lady Anstruther’s Tower

“Have you been here before?” Roger asked as they lingered over a viewing point to take in the sight over the Firth.
“As a young child. Yet, strangely, it feels like only yesterday. I can even picture the scene, building castles in the golden sands at Earlsferry, Dad and I playing chase with the waves.”
“That sounds nice…” His gaze shifted and he stared into the near distance. “You’ve obviously had a very happy childhood.”
“Yes, I have” she replied hesitantly, instinctively knowing that he hadn’t.
“Although you do realise that this place has murderous connections, don’t you?” he turned to face her again with a rallying grin.
“No…” she gave a look of mock horror.
“Apparently Macduff fled from here on a ferry away from King Macbeth.”
“Really?” A smile broke through. “You’re certainly a mine of information on the area.”
“Useless information, you mean.”
“No, I didn’t mean that at all.”
“I suppose I’ve tried to take an interest in the surroundings by reading widely.”

Lady Anstruther’s Tower
“Me too, but, I don’t seem to retain half of it. I guess that’s why you’re a historian and I’m not.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to offend.”

“You haven’t. Anyway, what other tit-bits have you stored in that memory bank of yours?”

He laughed. “Well…do you remember the so-called Lady’s Tower, just a short walk from the harbour?”
“Yes, I think so.”
“That was actually built as a bathing box for a Lady Anstruther in the eighteenth century. Apparently she was a renowned beauty who would send a servant through the streets ringing a bell to warn the villagers to keep away while she bathed.”
“So effectively she had her own private beach.”
“Something like that.”
“Whereas I,” Fiona smiled broadly, “have got my own private guide. I’ll have to bribe you to take me on more conducted tours.”
He looked suddenly serious. “You don’t have to bribe me. I’d be happy to take you.”

* * *
These are  heady, inspiring days of new love, but dark clouds are gathering over which Roger and Fiona have no control, and which threaten to shatter their beliefs in everything, including their future together. The question of whether their love can survive hangs in the balance until the last page.

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Megan, it has been a real joy to have you at The Heart of Romance these last few days.   Thank you so much for sharing your love of St Andrews with us and allowing us to become acquainted with Fiona and Roger.  And I'm anticiping your next book .


Sherry Gloag said...

Megan, I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your characters Roger and Fiona.
St. Andrews was part of my childhood stomping ground, so I know it well and it was lovely to revisit through your blog posts. Thank you so much :-)

Zee said...

I really enjoyed reading this short excerpt. Thanks for posting it Sherry!

Megan Johns said...

Hi Zee,
So glad you enjoyed reading the excerpts from The Path of innocence. St Andrews is a fantastic setting for aflling in love

Megan Johns said...

A million thanks for hosting me over the past four days, It has been grest being at The Heart of Romance and I'm so pleased that you enjoyed revisiting your childhood playground.

Anonymous said...

It's been a real treat finding out more about your work, Megan!

I'm looking forward to reading it.

I love how you have the real life royal wedding 'connection'.

You know when I think of them, I am always going to think of you!