24 December 2010

Some more things you may not know about Anne Greene

Anne, Thank you for joining The Heart of Romance all this week. Please will you share a little bit more about yourself, today?

If you didn’t write, what would you do? 
I’d like to be an archaeologist. I’d love to spend time on a dig and unearth treasures of the past. I like the camping out with like-minded people who get their hands dirty and keep their minds agile. I’d like to sit around at night after a profitable day in the field and discuss larger than life characters who made a mark in time. 
That sounds fascinating.  There's I programme here in the UK I love to wach called Time Team.  A group of archeologists share their digs with us and the sites cross all sorts of time and culture spans.  I try never to miss it. 

Why do you write in your specific genres?
I love history—and mystery. These are the types of books I enjoy, both to learn something new and to exercise my puzzle-solving bent. All my books include suspense and mystery, even the Historical Romances like Masquerade Marriage. My books always include adventure, romance and suspense with a large dose of characters learning their most important lessons.

You have talked about the many countries you've lived in, if you had to live somewhere else in the world, where would it be? And why? 
I’ve visited twenty-four foreign countries and though I love some of them, there is no place like the good old USA. However, if I had to live somewhere else, I think it would be the United Kingdom. My roots go back to Scotland and Ireland, and I feel right at home there. The landscape is beautiful, the customs delightful and just enough different to make them unique experiences. And I have no problem with the language. I also love Italy. Love the singing, the countryside and the food! 
Italy is such a romantic country and the singers are to die for.  Scotland, too, is a special place for me and littered with my ancestors too :-) 

Do you base your characters on real people? 
I’ve had two real heroes in my life and each offer some traits to my written heroes. My heroines are usually women who are totally opposite from me. Where I am cautious, she is not. Where I am hesitant, she jumps right in. Where I am timid, she is fearless. And so it goes. So, my answer is yes and no.

What car would you buy if money was no object?
I’m not that interested in cars. What I’d rather buy with that money would be a tropical island, and a summer place in Alaska. 
LOL that's quite a contrast! 

Do you have a favourite colour?
My favourite colours run in phases. I’ve had phases of yellow, then red, now it is green. I like green because that colour brings out the green in my eyes.

What is you least favourite aspect of writing?
I love it all. I love the initial meeting the characters and finding out what they want to do. I love fleshing out backgrounds and settings. I love watching the characters and transcribing their actions to the page. I love rewrites and working with words to express exact meanings. I love polishing to see if I can make the story even better. My least favourite aspect of writing is the publicity part. It’s not enough these days for a writer to tell an awesome story, the writer must also sell that story to readers, and get her name known. That means book signings and making public appearances. That’s hard for most writers who would prefer to be sitting quietly at home rather than being the center of attention at some store or library. 

If you could meet any two people in the world, who would they be, and why?
That’s a really hard question. I’ve already met the people in the world that mean the most to me, my husband and family. I love meeting new people who become my friends. I’m not star struck, so there are no famous movie, media, or sports figures I’d love to meet. I’m not avidly political, so there’s no president or politician I’d like to meet. I’ve already met many of the wonderful authors I read. I think I’d travel way into the future and want to meet my great-great-grandson and daughter to see if my Christian legacy remains with them—that is if the Lord doesn’t come first.
What a fabulous concept. meeting great-great-grandchildren.  Pperhaps that's an idea for a new book?

Please tell us something about the other books you’ve written and I particularly like the sound of your sassy detective, please will you give us some teasers about these books? 
My sassy detective is a bit like the Janet Evanovich character, Stephanie Plum, except Holly Gardens is a Christian with a Christian world view, and she has two men deeply in love with her. She rescues both of them, but having been dumped at the altar by a third, is unwilling to risk her heart again. This is a first book in a series of mysteries that she and the two male detectives solve. Each contains the growing tension of which man will ultimately win Holly. Holly’s overriding passion is to be a light in the dark underbelly of society as she solves mysteries. She’s also out to find the culprit who murdered her detective father and painted him as a drug dealer. Each mystery she solves brings her a little closer to finding her father’s killer and taking the detective agency out of the red.
I also have several other books you might find interesting on my website, http://www.annegreeneauthor.com/
Anne, Holly sounds a very strong lady.  Earlier you said you are a 'panster' and yet you have the basis for a whole series of books set out here, and they sound compelling.

Anne thank you for spending all this week at The Heart of Romance, I hope you have a happy and joyful Christmas and that 2011 is kind to you and yours..


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