8 December 2010

Royal Connections

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Please welcome Megan Johns, my guest for the next four days, who is talking about the connections between the Prince William and Kate Middleton, and her chharacters in her latetest book The Path of Innocence.
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With the Royal Wedding date now set for 29 April 2011, the eyes of the world will turn towards William and Kate.

You probably know that they met in the beautiful surroundings of at St Andrews university in Scotland where their romance burgeoned from a long standing friendship. But did you know that Fiona and Roger, the young couple in my contemporary romance ‘The Path of Innocence’, also met as students at St Andrews university and that this is the setting for their romance?

St Andrews univeristy.
Source Compute Scotland

Roger is not a royal, but he is most definitely upper class, from a dysfunctional family background, whereas Fiona is a strong-minded girl from a regular, supportive and tightly-knit family.

Their friendship grows out of shared interests before gradually blossoming into love and then cementing firm. But is it firm enough to withstand all the obstacles hurled in their path?

‘The Path of Innocence’ is a novel about what happens when two people meet and it seems the world conspires against them, about the path they must take to overcome all and realise that their relationship is one to stand by. For Roger and Fiona, the complications they confront are more than many young people have to cope with in a lifetime.

Is their love strong enough to withstand all the pressures thrust upon them? Can they survive?

You’ll have to read ‘The Path of Innocence’ to find out.

As for William and Kate, I think we should all enjoy the moment and keep an open mind. There are enough cynics in the world. For my part, I do believe that love, if strong enough, will conquer all evils and not even the cruel hand of fate can destroy that. But then I am a romance writer...

Please come back tomorrow 
to  discover why St Andrews is such a perfect setting for falling in love

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry! Hi Megan!

This is fascinating. To think the Royal Wedding was based so close to home - AND that Fiona and Roger in your book - ‘The Path of Innocence’, also met as students at St Andrews university, like they did.

Great interview - I look forward to reading more. :)

Michael said...

Hi Megan, doing the Blog Hop. I am American but am fascinated by British Royalty and I mean that in a positive way. Love how art and real life intertwine like it does in your novel, 'The Path of Innocence.'

Molly Daniels said...

I absolutely LOVE stories like these...and especially since it mirrors Kate and her Prince:) Kudos and I'm putting it on my TBB list:)

Megan Johns said...

Thanks Michael,
Yes, our Royal Family still hold fascination for us and William in particular
Thanks for dropping by

Megan johns said...

Thanks for dropping by Molly. So glad you will be reading The Path of Innocence :)

Viviane Brentanos said...

I suppose a royal wedding is what Britain needs right now. It has been proves so many times in the past that any royal occassion will unite the nation. I do wish them well and I only hope they have learned from the past. Let's also hope the nation will allow them the privacy to life their lives.


Megan Johns said...

Yes, it is just what we need to unite us, Viviane.

Megan Johns said...

Last, but not least, hi Angelika!
Yes, the fact that my my hero and heroine attended St Andrews university as well as William and Kate is very interesting, although I don't believe they were there at the same time. Now that would have been really fascinating! LOL.

Savannah Chase said...

Came by here via the blog hop...I think people will always be wanting to know about the Royal Family..

Great blog post..

Megan Johns said...

Thanks for hopping by, Savannah,

Tianna Xander said...

Great post. I think everyone (who can) will be watching on April 29th. I know a lot of hearts are breaking all over the world at the idea of Prince William getting married.

I wish them all the best, as I do any married couple. It takes work, understanding and love, but with those, anything is possible.