21 December 2010

Today Anne Greene talks about her writing schedule

Thank for for joining me again. Today I want to share a little bit about my approach to writing.
I am a pantser. I have tried plotting out a book in advance, including storyboarding, and that just doesn’t work for me. I start with a general idea, a setting, and a general idea of what characters I’m using. But very soon into the first draft the characters take over and direct the book. It’s a bit like watching a movie and just writing down what is happening. It’s quite exciting to see where the book will go. 

I write in the  Romantic Suspense, Historical Romance, and Historical genres. As a girl, I didn’t like history—until I read my first Historical. Then I was hooked. So, I know many people today don’t enjoy history, and my goal is to open up the glories of the past to them. History was modern life lived with all its heartache, joy, and excitement in a world very different from our own. I bring these different worlds into vivid, living color, and give a painless dose of history along the way. I write Romantic Suspense because I like to see good win over evil with fast action, surprises, and some who did it and why. 

The character I love writing about the most—is the one I’m currently working on. I love all my characters. However, I do think I like being in the male point of view slightly more than the female. I like being macho and looking at life from a different perspective. I like being strong enough to handle a couple of thugs. Of course my detective knows martial arts, but she doesn’t use her fists. I like looking at a woman I’m interested in and being totally confused as to what makes her do the crazy things she does. But, on the other hand, I love having a woman use her wiles and smarts when that’s all she has going for her. But Megan and Brody from Masquerade Marriage are probably closest to my heart. 

Masquerade Marriage is a book of my heart. My paternal ancestors are Scots of Clan Gunn, which was located in the far north of Scotland in the Caithness area where Vikings intermarried with the Scots. 

I visited Scotland with the purpose of setting one or more historicals there, and fell in love with the country. The final battle between the English and the Scottish Highlanders changed the Highlands forever. A way of life ended. The drama in this story appealed to me, and so I wrote Masquerade Marriage. I love this time in history and so enjoyed living it as I wrote the book. I hope the reader finds a new world to love as he reads my book. 

I do a great deal of research for all my books, including the contemporary ones. I always visit the setting and get some good pictures. Then I find books about the history and time. Small details I research on the internet, but the important ones come from non-fiction books. I am extremely careful in my research because if a reader discovers one error, then I lose credibility.

If I’m writing detective, I have a detective look over the manuscript before I send it out.

If I’m writing WW11 stories, I find someone who has been there. I always find a person who has done the job I’m writing about to look over the finished manuscript.

Of course, when I go further back into history I have to rely solely on the non-fiction books. But I enjoy research and often do far more than I ever use in any one book.

If I’m under deadline I can write an 85,000 word novel in six months or less.

My website is at http://www.http/AnneGreeneAuthor.com
Readers can buy my book at http://amazon.com and http://WhiteRosePublishing.com.

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Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

Hi Anne, read all your posts. Congratulations on your book, the first of many to be published.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pattie. When are you going to send me more of your work?

Anne Greene said...

That wasn't Anonymous responding, that was Anne Greene.