5 April 2011

Finding An Old Character

Finding An Old Character

Sometimes it takes going away to truly find yourself. For the last 7 years, I've been living life; college, work, family, and friends. This kind of daily ritual became a rut over time, and before I knew it, I was searching for my old character, the old me. The me before bills and responsibilities. The me before the world took it's toll. The me that would laugh loudly until I had tears in my eyes. The me that felt blissfully happy, like walking on cotton candy colored clouds.

I've read lots of books about "finding your passion," "learning who I am," and "getting to know me." I've read everything from Dr. Phil to Oprah to Steve Harvey to Patty Stanger, but didn't ever get that euphoric feeling that I was searching for, where I feel in tune with myself.

Little did I know that what I needed most is what I wanted the least - to go to an out of state work conference. I hated the idea mostly because I'm not crazy about flying but also because I've been so used to the same old daily grind that change scared me, even if it is only for a week. But once I checked into the resort, everything changed. Soft piano music was playing as I entered my hotel room, my small luggage bag carried only the best of what I owned, and the king size bed looked heavenly.

It's only day two of my week long conference and I've laughed hard multiple times a day with my best coworkers, felt absolutely beautiful sitting in my very own vanity putting on makeup and choosing accessories to compliment my best outfits, and have even turned a few heads from some men attending the conference.

I don't know what it is about this place, but being away from everything has awakened something in me, something I never expected - I've found my own character. I've found the old me.

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