12 April 2011

Therese Gilardi asks 'Why Romance?'

Why Romance?

I’ve been writing for publication since 2002. I began my career with essays about my experiences as a mother, and quickly followed up with a bit of short fiction. I moved on to longer pieces about my life as a writer, wife, mother, and ratatouille fan living in Paris, France. When I moved to California in mid-2008 I began writing poetry seriously. I think in many ways I consider myself a poet first and foremost, as I am drawn to imagery and love surrealism.

So why romance? As a reader I admit I will read just about anything – if you want to know how the ingredients in various shampoos stack up, I’m your woman, since I’ve read the backs of every bottle in just about every drugstore in town. But those sterile lists of ingredients leave me cold, as do far too many of the non-fiction books out there. After all, they deal with realities that are sometimes far from rosy.

But romance … who doesn’t long for a happy ending? I’m drawn to romance because I like knowing that, despite whatever obstacles the characters face, they will land in a better place than where they began. Granted, it may be – should be – a pretty messy journey. But that makes the HEA as they say in romance circles (“happily ever after”) all the sweeter. We’re living in troubled times. Our instant access to information about all of the problems of our world can often lead to a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. I believe that’s why we all need a little romance in our lives.

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