14 April 2011

Read Therese's interview with her heroine today

Amelia Coillard runs “Happily Ever After By Amelia”, a successful matchmaking business in Hollywood, California. I caught up with Amelia recently for a quick interview.
“Amelia, what made you decide to enter the matchmaking business?”
“I’ve wondered why relationships between men and women don’t work out ever since my mother deserted our family when I was seven, only to take up with a string of unsuitable boyfriends. For years I blamed Venus, the goddess of love, since my father always said he married my mother after he’d been struck by Cupid’s arrow. As I got older, I looked around at my friends’ fractured relationships and thought to myself, ‘there has to be a better way’.”

“How did you train to become a matchmaker? What makes ‘Happily Ever After By Amelia’ different from all of the other matchmaking services?”
“Well, we use my patented personality profile, which is based on my years of studying psychology combined with computer science. I employ my patented technology to elicit responses from my clients that allow me to gain insights into their personalities that other matchmakers miss. I suppose you could say I trained by fixing up my friends and the friends of friends for years.”

“What can a client expect from you?”
“I begin with a detailed meeting during which my client completes the personality profile. Then we have a series of discussions and I get to work on making matches. If my first choice doesn’t work, I continue to match the client with other potential partners.”

“What’s it like to work in Hollywood?”

"My storefront is in West Hollywood, which many people would be surprised to learn has an almost village like quality to it. Los Angeles County is a place of tremendous diversity and natural beauty, which gives me a lot of inspiration.”

“Do you have any words of wisdom for those discouraged about their romantic prospects?”
“Absolutely. Never give up! Your perfect partner is out there. It just may take a little while longer than you would like before you meet your match.”


Tomorrow Therese talks about 'You are what you read'

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