16 April 2011

La La Land ~ what is it?

La La Land

The Oxford English Dictionary recently defined “La La Land” as: “n. can refer either to Los Angeles (in which case its etymology is influenced by the common initials for that city), or to a state of being out of touch with reality—and sometimes to both simultaneously ».

In light of the fact that « Matching Wits With Venus », my paranormal romance about a Hollywood matchmaker and the Roman god Cupid takes place in La La Land (and I must admit, I call the hills above the city home), I have decided to offer up an Angeleno play list and menu that will surely put you in the mood for love L.A. style.

So pull out the record player/fire up the i-tunes/grab the boom box and let’s go.

Nothing captures the sense that anything – even the presence of a Roman god and his family living in the Hollywood Hills – is possible in the City of Angels like Randy Newman’s « I Love L.A. ». If you don’t already know this anthem, I’m sure a quick listen will have you longing to ride around with the top down and the car windows open no matter where you live.

When you’re ready to groove some more, you can count on the L.A. radio. No So Cal (Southern California) station is without a copy of a Beach Boys tune. Any Beach Boys tune will do, although of course the anthem « Wish They All Could Be California Girls » pretty much sums it all up. And let’s not forget California native Katy Perry’s « California Girls » for a fresh take on life on the left coast. And of course anything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers will carry you straight to La La Land. Finally, since you’re getting in the mood to visit the Los Angeles of Cupid and Amelia in « Matching Wits With Venus », you need to listen to « Vivaldi’s Four Seasons ». Although Cupid never shares this fact with Amelia, he was the inspiration for the spring movement.

Now that you’ve got your play list going it’s time to dine So Cal style (best on a beach, terrace or balconey, but in front of the fire will do as well as virtually all residents of La La Land love to start up their gas fireplaces when the temperatures are cold enough to require a light sweater). What’s on the menu ? Everything! As one of the most diverse places on the planet, Los Angeles is home to every kind of cuisine. Even haggis. However, if you want to dine like Cupid and Angeleno Amelia, then go for a burrito, hand-made guacomole and chips, tostada, taco, or perhaps some soup at a noodle bar in Little Tokyo ….

The possibilities are endless because, as the Oxford English Dictionary rightly points out, La La Land is as much a state of mind as it is a specific location. So if you believe that magic isn’t just reserved for the movies, then come on. It’s time for a visit to La La Land.

Tomorrow you can read part of Chapter one of
Matching Wits with Venus

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