1 May 2011

Four Stories in One

To those of you who are looking to read another awesome input from our monthly contributor Zee, I am delighted to let you know that she has two more reviews for you that are scheduled for the 5th - 7th of May.
In the meantime here are four reviews that cover the stories in one awesome anthology 

called A Mystery/Suspense Collection Anthology: Sweet published by Victory Tales Press

Featuring stories by:
Miss Mae,
Gerald Costlow,
Cheryl Pierson and
Anne Patrick.

 I will post a short review for each story daily,  starting today with:-

Award winning author Miss Mae

'Miss Penelope's Letters' 

The letters arrive unsigned. The writer demands Penelope meet him in London’s darkest streets. Yet he claims the reason is honorable. Can he be trusted?

"All safe now, Miss Penelope."  His husky voice murmured the words almost like a caress.
"Who are you?" She grasped the edge of the cape that swung across his shoulder.  "Why did you send for me? What-?"
Before she could ask any more questions, he cut in with, "I must go.  Until next time my sweet."
"No!" A spurt of anger drowned her fear and confusion.  "There won't be a next time!"
His mouth covered hers in a hard, thorough kiss.  "You'll come."
Heels kicking the stallion, the man's broad shouldered form rode off into the night.
By the third line, award winning author, Miss Mae reveals the period setting in which her story takes place, with her reference to 'the corner gas lamp'.
The opening scene guarentees any reader, whether new to Miss Mae's writing or not will continue to turn the pages to the end of the tale.  She provides scintalating characters, a breath-taking plot and then adds in twist and surprises aplenty.
If I, as a Brit, have a small nit, it is her choice of naming one of her more significant characters, Lord Wellington, the namesake of one of Britain's biggest real-life historical heros.
The revelation of  Miss Penelope's 'position' in the novellette takes a little longer and simply adds to the masterful intrigue. 
It is not easy to review a short story without revealing too much of the plot, suffice to say, it takes courage for Miss Mae's heroine, Penelope, to trust the stranger who allows her to call him 'Soldier', but he's saved her life once so she agrees to help him with his dangerous mission.
In less than forty pages the author involves her readers in a thrilling, fast-paced and tightly written story that is a delight to read.
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Please come back tomorrow for my review of the second story in this anthology:-
Gerlad Costlow's A Distant Call


Miss Mae said...

Thank you for a lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Penelope's story! :)

Cheryl Pierson said...

Hi Sherry and Miss Mae,

I just saw this and wanted to stop by and comment. It is such an honor to be in this anthology with you, MM, and Anne and Gerald. What a nice review for your story, and Sherry, I certainly appreciate you reviewing these stories for us like this! Victory Tales Press is just awesome!

Anne Patrick said...

It was an honor to be included in this anthology with such talented authors.

Thank you for your review, Sherry. Your kind words are much appreciated!

Best of luck to Miss Mae, Cheryl and Gerald in all their future endeavors.