21 May 2011

Magaret West talks about Romance


What is Romance? How can you write about the emotion in invokes? It’s nice to have your partner open a door for you, buy you flowers for no other reason than they want to. To define it, romance is the very essence of life. Without it your love life will miss out on an essential component. It brings a sort of identity to your relationship. So where does romance come from? Grand gestures, flowery words? No, that is just a small part of it. Romance comes from the heart.

Bogged down and slightly jaded from the daily grind of life, it is quite possible to forget about each other. The flame that once seared your veins with passion, filled your heart with happiness, begins to diminish into a pale glow of insignificance. Suddenly you discover that you no longer know each other. The closeness you both nurtured has vanished into the wind, taken away and dumped somewhere deep in the ocean. Can you get that back? Of course! A famous author once wrote ‘Nothing is truly lost.’ That is a fact!

To hold onto your love, there has to romance and that’s why I became a romance writer. When the real world gets too much to bear, sometimes it’s nice to slip into a fictional reality. Become a silent observer in an unfolding romance. Feel the characters pain; become involved in the twists and turns, as the story unfolds. Not all romances end sweet, some are bittersweet.

What do you think of romance in the modern world? Has it really got a place or have we become jaded.

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Sandra Cox said...

Romance doesn't seem to have the mystique it once had. Guess that means everyone just has to work a little harder. Love your cover!

Peggy said...

I am sad to see that some people write about romance as hot sex. it is so much more than that.

Skyla Wilde said...

The art of romance has slid into the realms of erotica and who can write the best sex scene. i agree with peggy. People slate mills and boon for being cheesy, but sometimes we just dont want to read what happens in someone bedroom. Loved your books mags.ALL of them.

Margaret West said...

Thanks everyone for popping by. Sandra, glad you liked the cover. I'll be promoting this tomorrow as well for some more interesting comments.


We are a little jaded and sex has been demystified which is a pity. I still prefer romance to graphic sex in a novel though.

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

I am a firm believer in romance, and I love it. I also believe that you can balance romance and sex, when there is love involved. Without it, it's nothing but body parts fitting together.

People who love each other have sex, there's nothing wrong with showing it. Sex shouldn't be a mystery, it should be something special between loving and consenting adults. I'm all for it.

Great blog, Mags!

country queen said...

Romance is the unexpected things a kiss, a cuddle, flowers and chocolates(?). When people are together for the right reasons they don't have 'sex' they 'make love'. So yes I enjoy a good romance novel Nora Roberts hits the top of my list with Mills and Boone a close second.But I really wish some authors weren't so explicite with the bedrooms scenes, much rather they left it to my imagination.