2 May 2011

Review two of four for A Mystery/Suspense Collection:Sweet

Today I am reviewing Gerald Costlow's A Distant Call,  the second of the four stories that make up the anthology A Mystery/Suspense Collection:Sweet published by Victory Tales Press

Author Bio:-
Gerald Costlow lives in Michigan, USA, surrounded by his wife and dogs and grandchildren. He has had numerous short stories published in magazines, anthologies, and webzines. This is his first published novel but definitely not the last.

The Appalachian Mountains hold mysteries galore for the unwary and the full moon increases the danger as Jessie Corman is bound to find out. Anna May Sherritt and her granny know all about the call and how folks often disappear. Can they save Jessie and solve the disappearances?

Review: Until I received this book of anthologies I'd not come across Gerald Costlow's writing before.  But make no mistake, this is an author to watch out for in the future.
His capacity for building suspense within the genteel family environment Anna May Sherritt and her granny live in.  And the final twist... well you'll just have to  buy the book to find out.
Costlow's characterisation will not disappoint, nor will the setting and emotions surrounding plot, pace and conflict.  I suspect many female writers would struggle to offer the levels of charm that laces through this beautifully written paranormal and suspenseful romance.
As with yesterday's story, this is another one you need to put aside when you come to the end of A Distant Call, simply to give you time to savour every aspect of the tale. 

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Please come back tomorrow for my review of the third story in this anthology:- 
Cheryl Pierson's  The Last of Her Kind 


Gerald Costlow said...

Thank you so much for the review. I hope other readers get a small thrill out of reading my mystery. And isn't every love story a mystery at heart?

Miss Mae said...

I liked the way Gerald presented the hillbilly "lingo", and I freely admit that I felt a twinge of sympathy for the "villain".

Very original story, and it's stayed with me since I first read it! :)

Cheryl Pierson said...

Hi Gerald,
Loved your story! My husband was born and raised in West Virginia, and I lived out there too, for many years. Appalachian stories are dear to my heart, and with the mystery thrown in---who could ask for anything better? So glad that we are anthology-mates in this one!