6 May 2011

Zee Recommends...

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

In just a few days, one of my all time favorite novels, Something Borrowed, will be coming out on the big screen. I strongly suggest that you read the book because Emily Giffin did such a fantastic job telling you about the complicated relationship between childhood best friends - Rachel White and Darcy Rhone - and the man in the middle, Dexter Thaler. But, if you don't have time to read the book, then you should definitely see the movie, as it comes out May 6th!

A little nostalgic I am to share my review of Something Borrowed with you because it was my first review on my blog, Fire Pages. Enjoy!

I call Something Borrowed my gateway drug because Emily Giffin's debut novel was my introduction into chick literature. I read this five summers ago, sitting in a leather chair in Border's bookstore, waiting for my boyfriend to get off of work. The first chapter was absolutely amazing!

This is the story about two best friends: Rachel White and Darcy Rhone. Rachel, the good girl, has been friends with Darcy since they were in elementary school. Darcy has always been the type of girl who gets exactly what she wants, while Rachel sits in the background letting Darcy get all of the attention. Everything gets turned upside down when Darcy throws Rachel her 30th birthday party and Rachel ends up sleeping with Darcy's fiancée, Dex. Rachel must decide if she will forget about her betrayal and remain the good friend she has always been or go after the one thing that is forbidden - pursuing a romantic relationship with Dex. As Darcy and Dex's September wedding quickly approaches, things begin to heat up during the summer!

Needless to say I purchased the book that same night, unable to leave it behind in the store unfinished. Want more? Read the first chapter to Something Borrowed here, and let me know if you are more like Rachel or Darcy!

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