28 July 2013

Snippet Sunday


It's been a while since I took part in Snippet Sunday, and it's good to be back.

This week my snippet follows on from Yesterday's Saturday Sample (post below this one) and comes from Honor's Dilemma
(exclusively available from Astraea Press for $0.50c)

“I know.” He positioned himself between her and a couple who’d stopped dancing long enough to enquire if anything was amiss. After assuring them his partner was feeling a little faint and would be quite well in just a moment, Vidal waltzed her to the edge of the dance floor and guided her into a secluded corner. He looked across the room, met the concerned glance from Lady Adversane, and gave a slight shake of his head before persuading Honor to sit down.

Prior to sitting beside her, he handed her his large linen ‘kerchief. “I am sorry to upset you. But I wanted to tell you myself,” he repeated.

“How long have you known?” She let the anger rise, take over, and push away her shock. He could have told her before tonight, she was certain. No one left the country on such a whim as this, surely?

“Honor, I love you.”

She wanted to deny him, to disbelieve the words that would have thrilled her before they’d stood up for the waltz, but she heard the truth, heard his anguish, and pushed down her anger. This man she loved, who loved her in return, was hurting, too.  Hadn’t she always admired his strength? Both physically and emotionally? And why hadn’t she ever stopped to wonder how each man would react when she chose one over the other? Now, as she looked into Vidal’s eyes, she saw the truth. This wonderful man, acting from love, had taken the choice upon himself. He’d shifted the responsibility away from her. Never had she loved him more.
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Honor's Dilemma, is the prequel to my best-selling Regency romantic suspense Vidal's Honor.


raynegolay said...

This is quite lovely. She's done her soul searching and found she can't deny the love she feels for him. I hope this will lead to HEA.

Sarah W said...

Choose him! Choose him!

Sharon Buchbinder said...

I agree with the other comments. Pick him! He's dying. She's dying, too. Don't wait!

SherryGLoag said...

Thanks raynegolay, Sarah W and Sharon, for coming by and leaving your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed this.
Yes there IS a HEA, but of course as this is the prequel to Vidal's Honor, ( available in print and all good e-book outlets) nothing in this story is straight forward :-)

PT said...

Great scene!