12 January 2014

Sunday Snippet

Here is a snippet from a current WIP. This short story is about the repercussions when Tyler breaks up with Gemma.This carries on from my last Snippet Sunday.

The scumbag couldn’t even tell her to her face he was dumping her.  Well thanks to the industrious spider, which had extended its web almost across the whole entrance of her shelter, anyone passing by could be forgiven for thinking there’d be no one beyond the web and not take time out to search the area.

Perversely Gemma welcomed the seclusion, but as the rain continued to fall and water seeped over the floor and ran in rivulets around where she sat, her stubbornness melted into anxiety
Who, she wondered, using anger to try and force her rising fear away, had killed a spider?  Didn’t they know that if you killed a spider it would rain?  Whoever it was must have killed millions of them, the rain was falling so hard now she couldn’t see past the wall of water beyond the cave entrance.

Unwilling to sit in a pool of rain, Gemma shifted into a crouching position and swore, calling on every swearword she’d heard in the school playground and shooed away the guilt and knowledge of how upset her parents would be to discover she even knew such words let alone had let rip a whole string of them.
Even Tyler had disapproved when she'd used the mildest swear word of all.

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Linda said...

I wonder what she is looking for staying there. Is she hoping for someone to come look for her? Or does she want to die there all alone because I don't see food anywhere close.

SherryGLoag said...

:-) Linda, she sure is suffering from a big dose of 'poor me' syndrome. But I liked experimenting with such a flawed heroine on this occasion.
Thanks for coming by.

Sarah W said...

Poor kid---though from this short passage, it sounds like losing Tyler might have been something of a blessing?

PT said...

Sounds like she needs a bigger cave! Nice job of putting us there with her!

SherryGLoag said...

Thanks for coming by Sarah :-)

SherryGLoag said...

Yeah I agree, but the tiny little scoop in the rock I saw while writing this had all my sympathy going out to her :-) lol

Elaine Cantrell said...

So cool. I've never heard that if you killed a spider it would rain. I love it.

Veronica Scott said...

Fascinating from beginning to end, I didn't know about the link between killing a spider and rain either...great snippet.

SherryGLoag said...

Elaine, I find it fascinating that some myths are confined to nations, while others span the globe. I must admit I thought the spider one would be universal!

SherryGLoag said...

:-) Thanks Veronica, Thanks for coming by.