23 September 2011

Where have they gone?

Goodness knows, I've whinged enough about my computer woes over the past nine weeks, so when I was presented with a nice shiny brand new one. I set about re-installing as much as I could as quickly as possible, but no matter how hard you try, some links get lost in the confusion.
So today I goolged my request, came up with a HUGE list of options and set off on a treasure hunt.
And like all true and good treasure hunts, the setbacks came thick and fast. 
Those pesky links didn't work, couldn't be found, went to goodness-knows-where, but not where I anticipated.
The odd one I could understand, but twelve out of thirteen, straight off. Annoying!
Yes sites change, they close, or move,  and the experience has prompted me to check all the links on my pages.
Sigh! :-)  How did I manage to give myself another task?  rofl. 

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