29 September 2011

BlogHop4Writers 29th Sept '11

Question provided by author: Lark LaTroy

With the advancement of e-publishing and e-books, what new methods of marketing do you think authors should employ?

With both the market and the internet constantly upgrading themselves, for some it is hard to keep up, but, if you don't make the effor, your name, or 'brand' if you like, will fall below the reading publics' horizon.

When sites like Facebook make changes, the consequences rumble round the globe and some people search for alternatives, but can you completely desert something a big a as facebook?  However much you may wish to, starting to rebuild yourself on a new site is hard.

Joining every social network on the planet may not be the answer either, as many specialise and your genre of book simply may not appeal.  So, the question becomes, do i try to crack that nut, or continue building my base at networking sites that do cover my genre.  And I don't mean readers, other writers and publishers.  They are the subjects you touch on in your book, look for their facebook and twitter tags and so much more.

Is any of this new?  No, not really, it is how you keep adapting to reinvent yourself as the net and e-publishing marches on.

What is new is the pace of change.  The net, by its very nature is a fast moving chamealon, as authors we have to learn to keep up.  If anything is new, it is the mind blowing pace writers have to maintain to keep themselves in the main frame.

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Megan Johns said...

Great blog, Sherry. You're so right - everthing is in a constant state of flux and it's hard to keep up, but we must try!

Ginger Simpson said...

Truer words were never "spoken." The recent so-called improvement on Facebook certainly sparked a furor. I try to take change in stride. It's part of life, and like the saying goes, "change is good." Don't know who started that quote, but we're sort of stuck with it. :)

Sherry Gloag said...

LOL Megan, I agree, but sometimes I do so feel like a hamster on its wheel!

Sherry Gloag said...

Ginger, Thanks for coming by, I do try to 'embrace change', it's just that sometimes i feel I'm hugging mist! LOL

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