2 April 2012

Please Welcome author Jolene Perry today.

Jolene Perry's Bio:

Jolene grew up in Wasilla, Alaska. She graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in political science and French, which she used to teach math to middle schoolers.

After living in Washington, Utah and Las Vegas, she now resides in Alaska with her husband, and two children. Aside from writing, Jolene sews, plays the guitar, sings when forced, and spends as much time outside as possible.

She is also the author of The Next Door Boys and the upcoming Knee Deep.

Night Sky Summary
After losing Sarah, the friend he’s loved, to some other guy, Jameson meets Sky. Her Native American roots, fluid movements, and need for brutal honesty become addictive fast. This is good. Jameson needs distraction – his dad leaves for another woman, his mom’s walking around like a zombie, and Sarah’s new boyfriend can’t keep his hands off of her.

As he spends time with Sky and learns about her village, her totems, and her friends with drums - she's way more than distraction. Jameson's falling for her fast.

But Sky’s need for honesty somehow doesn’t extend to her life story – and Jameson just may need more than his new girl to keep him distracted from the disaster of his senior year.  

ISBN: 9780983741862
ISBN: 9781466052338

Pages: 247

Release: March 1, 2012

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Jameson - what did you notice first about Sky?
She had on this really tiny skirt, so yeah . . . her legs. Definitely her legs. And then her confidence and the way she talked. I'd never been around someone who just said what they meant. I liked that. A lot.

Sky - a lot of people don't understand why on earth you got in the car with him the night you met, and then ended up at his house, in his pool . . . you see where I'm going with this . . .
Yes. I know where you're going with this. 
Sort of a million factors, some of which have to do with something my mother always told me about kind eyes. I'd lived a good portion of my life in fear, but I also know kindness when I see it. Jameson had that, and it turns out I was right. I still can't believe I got in his car, but knowing what I do now, I wouldn't change it for anything. It was definitely an out-of-my-comfort zone kind of experience, but we all need those once in a while.

Sarah - how did it feel to finally be with the guy you'd been watching?
Amazing at first, but falling for someone from a distance is a lot different than falling for them when you actually know them. Eric seemed pretty ideal, and I clung to that idea for probably a little too long before I started to know who he really was.

Now for everyone - what's the best piece of advice you can give to someone who is falling in love.

Jameson - Be yourself. Be honest. But also don't be afraid to pull out all the stops and show a girl a good time. You can have honesty in big gestures.

Sky - If you really want to love someone, and have it be real, you have to share the parts of yourself that you don't share with anyone.

Sarah - Have fun. Don't take things too seriously, and know that it's high school. Also, don't screw over your friends for your boyfriend. Not cool.

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