26 March 2013

A helpful writing link?

I hope you are not too disappointed that there is no Tuesday's Tale today, Instead I decided to take the time to go through my over-long favourites list and see if I could do some spring cleaning. Well the weather may not be co-operating, but that's not excuse not to take advantage of the spirit of the season, is it? :-)

Anyway to get back to what I was blethering on about  disappointment, feelings, senses; I came across a posting in my favourites by Lucy Munro all about the impact of using the sense for writing and that it is now widely recognised there are far more than the basic five senses.

Rather than try to chose bits and pieces from it, here is the link to Lucy's post. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.


I have just gone and ordered Marilyn Kelly's book, too.

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