27 May 2010

Reviewers Wanted

If you enjoy reading and have opinions you'd like to share about the latest books you've just finished, have you ever considered becoming a reviewer? If not, perhaps you might want to investigate the oportunities.
Below are two links that will open doors to online reviewing and the oportunity to meet othe like-mined, and wonderful, people.
All books come in ebook formats which makes them so easy to store and receive.
There are incentives and rewards and the chance to widen your reading environment.
If you are interested or even mildly curious, please give it a go.

For LASR/WC, the link is: http://www.longandshortreviews.com/reviewerapp.htm

For Aurora, the link is: http://www.longandshortreviews.com/AURORA/reviewerapp.htm

2 May 2010

One down and one saved from the brink...
I'm talking about computers...
So I have spent the last few weeks attempting to create a book trailer, and apart from the personal frustration of not managing to grasp the intricacies fairly quickly, the additional cost of one computer going down and another threatening to go up in a puff of blue smoke didn't do my nerves much good either :-)
Did I finish it?  Yeah!  Am I pleased with it?  I'm not sure :-)  Did I expect this to be an integral part of writing a book?  No!! LOL 
But heck, after all the hassle, managing to complete this learning curve has left me on a great high.