31 July 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

#3 Thank you to everyone who keeps coming back to read my snippets every Sunday! I truly appreciate it. I hope you enjoy this week's offering.

It comes from my current novel Duty Calls and continues right on from where we left off last week.
When Rafe arrives in the UK to design some retirement chalets commisioned bt his friend Arthur, he didn't realise those chalets would be at the one place he never wanted to see again.

Arthur’s sudden air of innocence didn’t fool Rafe.  Arthur and his boss, Vince Parker, carried the responsibility for England’s national security. So getting rid of a scumbag like Cadmore would have been child’s play. 

“I suppose you invoked some national security code, somehow.”

“I do believe the papers mentioned something about drug overlords.” Arthur shifted from studying the countryside to staring at Rafe. “I doubt you heard, the 
executors traced his widow, who now lives at the Hall.”
Duty Calls is available HERE & HERE

Want more Six Sentence Sunday fun? Drop by http://www.sixsunday.com/
 for the list of participating authors. See you next week!

30 July 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples

This is the first week of the great new Sweet Saturday Samples please enjoy

While The Brat is rated 'sensual' and PG, there is no violence or 'explicit' sex in The Brat.  There is some background reference, without details, to child abuse.

This is part of the opening scene in my debut novel The Brat published by The Wild Rose Press

From the shadow of the ancient yew tree, Benedict Kouvaris observed the two people standing at his mother’s graveside. The clergyman’s voice carried on the still air, as he intoned the funeral rites for the woman who’d sent him to another
country on his tenth birthday, two and a half decades ago.

He thrust his anger and confusion beneath the surface of his consciousness and focused his attention on the elegant Armani-suited woman, whose blonde hair contrasted with her black suit and concealed her face from view. The wind sighed through the branches, and the man beside him shifted from one foot to the other.

“Who is she?” He raised an eyebrow in query.

“Miss Williams, sir.” His mother’s solicitor, Mr. Cranborne, cleared his throat. “She cared for your mother for the last five years.”

29 July 2011

Nature's Gift

While this may look insignificant, this is a swift.  A bird that when grounded cannot get back into the air because its wings are so long.
A couple of weeks ago I came across this little guy on the ground, brought it home and between us DH and I kept it warm by simply letting it rest in our hand.
DH was holding it when it began shuffling around, so he opened his hand and the swift prompty began preening its wings!
We assume, the reason the swift showed no fear is because it lives its life on the wing it rarely connects with humans.
For as long as I can remember I've loved swifts, so to hold one in my hand was a priviledge. 
To watch is fly away when it was rested and over its shock was awesome.

28 July 2011

Contests- promotion - prizes - how do they work?

Please can you share with us an example of a contest you had to promote your work, or one you entered and really enjoyed.

One way to maximise the chance of running successful contests expands exponentially where you share the options with others thereby offering visitors the the linked blogs with a plethora prizes ranging from awesome to simple but still a prize offered for effort on the part of the visitor.
Every month the organisers create a different monster blog hop .  This month's was "TREASURE QUEST: DISCOVERY LIES BETWEEN THE COVERS:MEGA AUTHOR BLOG HOP TOUR  although it is finished there are links you can follow if you are interested in participating.
Has this increased book sales? It's too soon to be certain.  Is this blog hop part of my strategy for extending myself and my books, then yes, absolutely. Is it worth the effort?  Again, I am sure it is.  Possibly you will not see immediate results, but it is one of the fatest ways of getting  'your name out there'.
I have met and made friends with other authors, and readers I would rarely, if ever meet otherwise.  So I get the personal benefit from joiningblog hops too.
Is bigger, better?  IMHO not necessarily.  If you are at the end of a long list of participants, visitors may not 'stay the course' and visit your site.  But... if they've come across your blogs on other hops they may just make you one of their first visits.  I have been on the end of a very long and active blog-hop and had the most hits and comments ever recorded for my blog in the week that it ran.
One of the biggest hops I am involved in regularly now, is the Six Sentence Sunday Since joining this hop I have learned how to pear my writing right down for maximum impact whether the scens are full of conflict, passion, or comedy.
If you want to join a similar and new blog-hop starting this week-end visit Sweet Saturday Samples and take a look.  Already - for week one - it is has several bloggers signed up.
Admittedly the last two hops mentiooned do not offer prizes, but the connections you make at both of them have the potential to lead you to blog-hops that do!

26 July 2011

Review of Spellbound

Review of Spellbound
Author:Samantha Combs
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heat: Sweet
Publisher: Astraea Press

Writing in the 1st person can be restricting, but Ms Combs overcomes both this, and head-hopping, in Spellbound with her masterly use of giving various characters their own sections in the story. Not only does the reader see the events from multiple viewpoints, but each one segues neatly into the next without slowing the pace of the story.

There is a large cast of characters, but the author’s technique ensures the reader never loses track of her main players. I did find keeping track of what the different coven members specialised in a bit hard, but once again Ms Combs kept prompting me as the story progressed.

Logan and Serena’s meeting is the catalyst for change in their lives. For Logan, it is about discovering a whole new aspect of life and coming to terms with it when he discovers the girl he is falling in love with is a twitch – teenage witch – then his widowed mother reveals secrets which tilt his new and topsy-turvy life upside down. That he adjusts copes so well with each revelation and its consequences might have the author turning him into some sort of super-human, but no, under Ms Combs influence Logan grows and matures with a compassion and understanding that never becomes mawkish or unrealistic.

While Serena seems to have her future mapped out for her and her elder and younger sisters around for support, encouragement and sharing, it soon becomes clear that that any reader pre-conceptions soon go up in a puff of demonic smoke. Her new boyfriend is not the only one who finds his life tilting on its axis as revelations aplenty are thrown at her. Serena’s strength of character matches that of her boyfriend, Logan and together with the support of some fun and entertaining characters face their biggest challenge knowing the cost of losing would be death for at least one of them.

The secondary characters all play their parts in moving the story forward and come from different arenas and yet all come together at the end of this fluently written and fast-paced story in such a manner this reader was sad to part company with them at the end of their tale.

For those who enjoy YA, paranormal and romance all wrapped up together, then Ms Combs is an author to watch out for.

Buy link: http://www.astraeapress.com/#ecwid:category=662245&mode=product&product=4435577
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Spellbound-ebook/dp/B0055T3D1E/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1309285775&sr=1-1





Thank you Samantha for sharing these four days with us and best wishes with your debut novel.

25 July 2011

Hero, Logan, talks with Samantha Combs

Samantha Interviews Logan

Q: Joining us today is Logan Daniels! Welcome Logan.

A: Thanks. Great to be here.

Q: So, tell us about yourself.

A: Um, I’m Logan. I’m from Lancaster, New Hampshire.

Q: And you’re Serena Starr’s boyfriend?

A: Yeah

Q: So, tell us about your dealings with Christophe.

A: That tool? He’s a demon that’s hell-bent on ruining Serena’s life. He’s been after her since I’ve been in high school, tried to kidnap her, tried to kill me and my friends, DID kidnap my little sister, and would still be at it unless Serena and her coven sisters didn’t put a beat-down on him and stuff him into the hell-hole he belongs in.

Q: I hear you had a lot to do with that.

A: Yeah, well, it was a group thing.

Q: How are you and Serena?

A: We’re good. She’s great. I mean, she’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Amazing, really.

Q: Do you remember the first time you met her?

A: (animatedly) Oh, yeah. Totally. It was at school. She was just standing at the admin counter and she turned around and…that was it, you know. I just felt kind of zapped. (laughs and shrugs his shoulders) You could say I never had a chance.

Q: You weren’t the type to ask girls out?

A: Nope. Usually left that to my friends. But, I had to. She was gorgeous. Still is.

Q: How did you feel when she told you she was a witch?

A: Man, she timed that right! By the time she told me, I was so crazy about her, it didn’t even matter. She could have told me she was a serial killer and I would have just handed her a knife!

Q: Did that change when you realized she was being hunted?

A: Not even the littlest bit. Only thing that changed was for the first time in my life I cared about something other than myself. I just knew I would protect her with my life. (looks away as if the memory is too powerful)

Q: We know Christophe kidnapped your sister….how did that make you feel?

A: Serena opened up all these feelings in me, like the ability to love and care. A new one came out then….rage. And because by then I knew…well what I had learned about myself, I knew I was capable of joining in the rescue efforts.

Q: Lets talk about that, your training. Was that difficult?

A: I thought it would be, but it wasn’t. I had a goal, to rescue Jade and make Serena safe forever. I trained hard and it turned out to be the easiest thing I ever did because it had so much purpose. When you love someone, you realize you can do anything for them. You learn your potential is limitless.

Q: Wow, Logan. You are impressing me all over again.

A; Yeah, well. You could do it too, if you had too. Believe me.

Q: I doubt that. You are as special as Serena thinks you are. Thanks for talking with us today, Logan. I think everyone now has a better grasp of you and your motivations.

A: Thanks for having me.


Buy link: http://www.astraeapress.com/#ecwid:category=662245&mode=product&product=4435577

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Spellbound-ebook/dp/B0055T3D1E/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1309285775&sr=1-1





Read a review of Spellbound tomorrow

24 July 2011

Samantha inteviews her heroine Serena Star

Samantha Combs Interviews her heroine: Serena

Q: Serena Starr, tell us a little about yourself.
A: Well, as you know, I’m a witch. I live in Lancaster, New Hampshire with family, Elizabeth and Tabitha. My parents died long ago.

Q: And your boyfriend is Logan Daniels?
A: (blushes) Yes. I think he’s the cutest boy at school.

Q; Whit Mountain High School in Lancaster was really your first taste of real school, wasn’t it?
A: Yes, we’d been home-schooled mostly before that.

Q: But not in what you’d call regular school topics, right?
A: (laughing) No, not exactly. Elizabeth taught Tabby and I things like spellcasting and potions along with reading and writing!

Q: When did your life start to change?
A: I guess you could say things started to get a bit hairy at the first school dance Logan asked me to. That’s where Christophe tried to first kidnap me.

Q: That must have been terrifying!
A: It was. But it was also the first time I realized Logan was someone I could depend on. Someone who could protect me. I guess I was already in love with him by then.

Q: Do you think it happened fast?
A: Yes! I was half in love with him the first time I saw him, practically!

Q: I don’t want to give too much of your story away, but something is revealed about Logan, isn’t it?
A: Yes. He finds out some things about his heritage that shook him to the core, but he is so grounded and has strength of character, he learns how to deal with the information easily.

Q: And he has a confrontation with Christophe alone.
A: He does. And battles magnificently. And began to realize there was an inner strength and quiet reserve of power within him that I never knew existed. And fell even more in love.

Q: (laughin now, too) You were a goner for him!
A: I was!

Q: But you had your work cut out for you, didn’t you?
A: Yes. Christophe wanted us both now. And he had discovered even more secrets about Logan’s sister’s bloodline as well.

Q: In the end of your journey, a huge battle requires the aide of many of your coven sisters. How did it feel to have so many of your sisters helping you?
A: Enlightening and empowering. These women are my sisters, my friends, and some of the most powerful witches in the world. I am still in awe of their talent. To see them in action is incredible!

Q: Together you were able to defeat Christophe?
A: You’ll have to read the adventure and see!

Q: Serena, thank you for joining us today! Join us next for a chat with your fated love, Logan.
A: That should be fun! And you’re welcome.


Buy link: http://www.astraeapress.com/#ecwid:category=662245&mode=product&product=4435577


Please come back tomorrow for Logan's interview

Six Sentence Sunday

Thank you to everyone who made my first visit so enjoyable. This weeks 'six' follows on from last week's.
* * *

“No, I don’t need any reminders of my last visit regarding the Kinsale Estate,” Rafe confirmed.
“I never discovered how you managed to evade the executors of the will after Lord Kinsale‟s death,” Arthur lied.
“When they couldn’t trace you, they got in touch with Cadmore.
Apparently, he managed to convince them of the legitimacy of his claim, and he moved from London to live at the Hall for the next five years.”
“Why only five years?” Rafe asked, while trying to convince himself nothing more than idle curiosity prompted his question.
“He died in a turf-war shooting.”

* * *

Duty Calls is available ~ HERE  HERE & HERE

Please visit my website to learn more, and read the reviews.

Visit aother participants of Six Sunday Sentence HERE

23 July 2011

Please welcome debut author Samantha Combs for the next four days

Hi Samantha :-)
Thank you for guesting on THoR. Please will you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m a married mother of two, and I live in Southern California

Why writing and not something else?
I can’t stand the sight of blood (no medical profession) don’t think I’d pass the bar (no legal profession), and don’t like guns (no military career) Writing seemed a natural fit. I can write about blood, bypass the legal part (not many shapeshifters and paranormies go to jail) and learn all I need about guns from Law and Order and CSI on tv.

 Where do your ideas come from?
Any time someone cuts me off on the freeway and I wish I had supernatural powers to wipe them off the face of the earth….shazam! There’s an idea. Living in Los Angeles provides me with a boatload of ideas. Daily. Hourly. Almost by the minute. Basically every time I leave the house and face the great uncivilized and super-rude masses I am stunned by an idea. Also, a five and an eight year old come up with them all the time. “Hey, mommy what if this toy was a blankety-blank and it could blank all the blanks in the world? Wouldn’t that be neat?” You know what kids? That WOULD be neat. Run and get Mommmy a piece of paper.

Do you base your characters on people you know, and if so, would they recognise themselves if they read your books?
I  hope not, because that law career would have sure come in handy.

Do you base your characters on any famus people, if so please will you include a pic of them with your hero and heroine interviews?
I decline to answer on the grounds that it may tend to incriminate me. (LOVE when they do that on television! You just KNOW they are hiding something. Not that I am. Whatever. Move on.)

What is your favourite flower, and why?
I love the snap dragon, because its neither a dragon, nor does it snap, but it wears that name fiercely, damn it!

If you could spend a day with any celeb who would you spend it with, and why?
Easy. Hands down I would spend the day with Kathy Griffin. In disposable diapers. Because I scream with laughter when she even opens her mouth. And I am sure I would pee a little if her mother was around because that woman is hysterical.

Who influenced your writing and how?
Stephen King, James Patterson, JD Robb, Nora Roberts, and all for one reason. They all have tremendous pacing and believability. There is truth in their writing even though they write fiction. Truth in fiction is a gift.

What is the most important peice of writing advice you've ever been given?
Don’t force details. Feed information to a reader like you are feeding an infant; one small spoonful at a time, too little and he wants more, too much and he will choke. You have to find balance.

What advice would you pass on to aspiring writers?
Write because you love to and have to. If you are writing to make money, quit now and go to work at Starbucks. It can happen, and you will make the money but the motivation is all wrong and you are cheating the reader. He/she may not know it now, but will one day find out and your break-up will be brutal. And you will know it.

Are you a 'pantser' or a plotter, and if a plotter, how long does it take you to plot out your book?
I am a pantser, a term, you must know, I only learned AFTER I wrote my first novel. I wrote a blog post where I admitted that for most of the book I would sit down at the laptop and have no idea where the story arc would go, only a vague idea where I thought it might. I was always wrong. You see, I am never really in control, my muse is. I write this sentence and even re-read it knowing full well it sounds slightly insane, yet there is no better way to word it. I simply guide the book, am the driver for the car, it is being navigated by my creative muse. Make of that what you will. :D

Do you do any research for your books, and if not, where do you ideas for the paranormal element of your stories come from?
The paranormal element comes from things I wish I could do, or completing this sentence: wouldn’t it be neat if…….and I fill in the blank. Sometimes the idea s a flop and sometimes I tuck it under my arm and run it all the way to the goal posts. Touchdown!

If you could own and drive any make of car in the world, what would it be?
I’m not picky. I like cars with butter leather seats and rumbly engines I can feel vibrating under my thighs. Oh, excuse me…..I need a glass of water.

Do you let any family members read your books before they are published?
I have two readers. One is a brilliant friend named Cathi I called my FR – First Reader. She calls me out on technical errors, like if I drop my hero a grade by accident or give the wrong witch the wrong ability several chapters in. My other reader I give manuscripts for because she says I’m an amazing writer. Hee hee….who doesn’t want to hear that?

What comes next?
Do you have another book in the pipeline? And do you want to give us a teeny-weeny clue what it's about? :-) Absolutely. I have three WIP’s right now, but I’m closely attached to one with the working title of Waterdancer, about a girl who discovers her dad is a sea creature. And that’s all you get!

 Spellbound Blurb:
Logan Daniels has always led a sheltered life in sleepy, predictable Lancaster, New Hampshire. But when beautiful Serena suddenly appears at school one day, his comfortable existence becomes anything but as he finds himself falling in love with her. There’s something special about Serena Starr. He realizes what it is when he sees her unleash her spells. Soon, a mysterious and foreboding presence settles over his placid home.
Logan and Serena find themselves battling darkness and evil with an ominous mission: it wants Serena and will stop at nothing to have her. Tearing apart Logan’s town, threatening his friends, even causing harm to his family, the demon will spread its doom over every facet of Logan’s once placid life. Logan matures in ways he could never have imagined as he struggles to protect those he loves, including Serena. But he can't do it alone.
Serena hails from a long line of able and powerful women who will aide in the battle and perhaps settle a score of their own. The strength of the coven and Serena's love will be behind him, but ultimately this is Logan’s fight to win. But, will he?

My girlfriend’s anguished screams pierced my soul and I spun around, frantic to find her. I spotted her across the barn, struggling against the clutches of the demon, Christophe. He had my Serena trapped in his arms and was headed with her across the party to the gaping tear in the air. If I let him get there with her and go through to the other side, I would never see her again. What could I do? I was only a teenager. But, I was her only hope. Besides that, in the short time that I had known Serena, she had become my world. It didn’t matter that she was a witch. It didn’t matter that in knowing her, I had uncovered startling revelations about my own heritage, my own background. It mattered only that she was my destiny, my future, and that we were fated to be together. It mattered only that I loved her. I’d loved her from almost the first moment I laid eyes on her at school. I remembered every second of that day like it had only just happened. I couldn’t have known it at the time, but that meeting was the first step on the journey that had brought me here today, fighting for our lives. The day my spellbinding life with Serena began.

Buy link: http://www.astraeapress.com/#ecwid:category=662245&mode=product&product=4435577

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Spellbound-ebook/dp/B0055T3D1E/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1309285775&sr=1-1





You have asked a great bunch of questions! Here is just a couple more pieces of information about upcoming releases I have:
September 2011, from Astraea Press, a YA paranormal romance: Juice and the High School Ghost
October 2011, from Aura Speculative Fiction, a Middle Grade horror/thriller. The Detention Demon

Thank you so much Sherry! Let me know when you are ready for the next installments and how you liked my answers on this one!

21 July 2011

Road to Recovery - the review

Erin's asked me to apologise for her non-appearance today. This is due to adifficult and lengthy operation.  As she has no idea how long the operation will last, she has asked me to request the Review to her story be brought forward, and -no promises- she hopes to be here tomorrow.

Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Genre: Medical Romance
Length: 113 Pages
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 (out of 5)

In her debut novel ALYSSA FOX offers up two badly flawed central characters and invites her readers to share Dr. Erin Miller and Kyle Reynolds journey on their Road to Recovery as they compete for the prized mentorship on offer.

Not only does the author set up the conflict in the first couple of pages but she follows that with the hint of a scandal in Erin’s past.

If you enjoy medical romance, then this is a book well worth considering. The author either has a medical background or has researched her subject well. The details offered by Ms Fox creates an immediacy during the many crises the two doctors face on their race for the bigger prize. Vivid hospital scenes with plenty of attention to medical detail and hospital procedures mixed in with internal politicking and jealousies ratchets up the tension as a third doctor lurks in the background, his secondary role is well woven into the story, his dénouement seemed a little too contrived but it left a satisfactory sense of ‘justice done’.

If I have any nits, they are the occasional abrupt transition from flashback to the present that jerked me out of the book, plus a few too many repetitions which slowed down an otherwise fluently written story, and the hero’s abrupt changes of intention which drew me out of the story a couple of times.

The author quickly reveals her heroine, Dr. Erin Miller, is focussed on her job to the exclusion of a personal life. And the reasons are skilfully woven in as the book progresses. She is compassionate, longs for a family of her own but no longer admits this to herself until she meets the hero’s family. Faced with this dilemma she has some big choices to make, but will they be the right ones, and will Kyle be open to them or will he scorn her?

Dr. Kyle Reynolds is not a likeable character on first impression, and his opinion of the heroine makes him look like a jerk. It is the author’s skill that show the softer more compassionate side of this arrogant ‘A’ Lister. He has lost a daughter, Ava, and is now divorced from his wife, Amy, and not prepared to put himself ‘out there’ again, even for Erin who is slowly getting under his skin. (At one point I had to backtrack because of the similarity in the names of his ex wife and daughter.)

But as the story develops so did my empathy for Kyle. His priorities change and this brings about a whole new set of challenges for him and it is the way he handles then that endears him to you.

The sex scenes are explicit and fit well within each of their scenes.

Ms Fox’s writing style is a joy to read, her characters are enticing and her hospital background with its ‘in-house’ intrigues that she throws at her hero and heroine will keep you turning the pages. With the Road to Recovery, the author packs an emotional punch that will have you diving for the nearest box of tissues on more than one occasion. Equally there are smiles and laughs aplenty.

For readers looking for a medical romance with emotion, characters you can empathise with, and an enjoyable writing style, this book fits the bill.

Ms Fox is an author to watch out for in the future.

Review of Road to Recovery requested by author.
Review copy supplied by publisher.

20 July 2011

Alyssa Talks to Kyle

Thanks Sherry for letting us drop by.

I’m excited to be able to do an interview with Erin and Kyle from my debut release, Road to Recovery. Now let’s just hope these two behave.

Thanks for letting me ask you a few questions, Kyle. I know you’re a busy man. Erin was supposed to be here, but she had an emergency surgery come up and couldn’t make it.
No problem. He glances at his watch; his lips curl into a smile. I only have a few moments as I’ve got a prior engagement. He raises a brow in that knowing way.

How long have you two been at the hospital?
Kyle: I’ve been there three years. Sometimes it seems longer than that, but other times it only seems like a year.

As I understand it, Erin started at the same time as you. Is that correct?
Kyle: Yes, we started out as residents at the same time.

Didn’t you two have the same attending? Kyle clenches his hands together; his eyes narrow at me for a moment before he relaxes a little. I believe I hit a nerve with him. Something tells me I need to hurry this interview along.
Kyle: Yes, we had the same prick of an attending. Let’s move on.

Seems to me he doesn’t like to talk about that subject. Kyle’s not a small man by any means and I’d hate to piss him off. His biceps are bigger than my thighs there’s no doubt he could crush someone if he needed too. Speaking of Erin, what can you tell me about her?

A smile crosses his face. Kyle: She’s a good surgeon who thinks she’s better than me, but I know her secrets. I’ll give it to her, she’s sexy as hell, but she won’t be taking this position from me. Bottom line.

What intrigues you about the mentorship?
Kyle: What’s there not to be intrigued about? To be the top of the pack in your field and learn from the best of the best. Everyone in our department already knows that’s me. Enough said.  Is that about it for the non-stop questions? I have a surgery to get to.

That’s about it for me, Kyle thanks for letting have a few moments with you.


Dr. Erin Miller’s life was going great; for the most part, anyway. She was single, had a career she loved, and a cherished circle of friends, but something was missing. When a mentorship with the Chief Pediatric Surgeon becomes available, she couldn’t be more thrilled. Maybe this is just what the doctor ordered! That is, until the handsome and charismatic Dr. Kyle Reynolds decides he wants the mentorship as well.

Kyle Reynolds has lost everything including his wife and daughter. With nothing left in his life except for his job, he sets his sights on the new mentorship position with single-minded determination. The only obstacle he faces is the sexy Dr. Erin Miller.

If you would like to learn more about Kyle and Erin and the mentorship, they are both fighting for then pick up my debut release Road to Recovery.





Don't forget to come back to meet Erin tomorrow

19 July 2011

Please come and join Alyssa Fox here for the next four days.

Hi Alyssa,
 Thank you for joining us here today. Please will you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m married and have 4 children, and I’m an avid knitter, well, when I’m not busy being a mom and writing that is.

Why writing?
I love it! I’ve always had characters running around in my head, but never thought about writing them down until almost two years ago. I wouldn’t want to do anything else. What and or who inspired you to write romances? My grandma started my love for romance books when I was eight. If it wasn’t for her I more than likely wouldn’t be writing romance stories.

Your first two books are set in a medical background. Is this a familiar setting for your to write about, or have you had to research for your books?
It depends on the medical situation. I took some CNA classes in high school, so some I already know. A lot of it I have to do my research on the things.

Are you a plotter or a ‘pantser’?
I’m a plotter who used to be panster. I took Shayla Black’s class on storybooking and learned so much. I stuck with it and it’s really helped my writing. I hardly ever get stuck on a scene anymore.

If you are a plotter what is your writing routine while you are planning your books?
Before I write any scene I always fill out some worksheets I have - one is for conflict and one for the hero and heroine’s relationship. Once that is finished then I dig right in. Sometimes when an idea hits me I have to let it roll around in my head for awhile, before I can fill out these charts.

If you could own/drive any make of car (costs not an issue) what would it be?

What is your favourite colour, and why?
Purple, I’m not sure why it just always has been.

Do any of your children share your passion for writing?
Yes both of my children write. My oldest more than my middle daughter, and they’re both really good. My oldest’s teachers have complimented on her writing a lot.

Do you let any members of your family read your books before they are submitted for publication?
My husband read some of Road to Recovery before I submitted it, but I think he’s too scared to read book two. No one outside of my critique partners have read book two. I’ve been very protective of this book for some reason.

What is their reaction when they found out you write erotic romance?
They were shocked.

What is your favourite fairy tale and why?
Cinderella…it’s been my favourite fairy tale since I was a little girl. Why, I’m not sure. I just remember watching it as a child and falling in love with the story.

Do you ever base your characters on people you know?
Yes. Erin from Road to Recovery is loosely based on my best friend.

 Please will you share a Blurb and excerpt of Road to recovery?
Yes, of course.

Dr. Erin Miller’s life was going great; for the most part, anyway. She was single, had a career she loved, and a cherished circle of friends, but something was missing. When a mentorship with the Chief Pediatric Surgeon becomes available, she couldn’t be more thrilled. Maybe this is just what the doctor ordered! That is, until the handsome and charismatic Dr. Kyle Reynolds decides he wants the mentorship as well.

Kyle Reynolds has lost everything including his wife and daughter. With nothing left in his life except for his job, he sets his sights on the new mentorship position with single-minded determination. The only obstacle he faces is the sexy Dr. Erin Miller.

Erin leaned back in her chair. She sat surrounded by the tomes she’d pulled from the shelves. It made no sense to her. The tests she’d been waiting for had all come back fine. Those two hours she’d hoped it would take had turned to six. She was still waiting for an ultrasound report, which should be coming any moment. She placed the latest report on the table and reached her hand to her head, slowly rubbing her temples. It wasn't like her not to be able to figure out what was going on with a patient. She dreaded the look on the parents' faces when she had to tell them. Sometimes it seemed like days before reports came back, and that was the only part of her job she hated. Her stomach knotted as she glanced at the clock. Only twenty minutes before she had to give them an update.

Her mind wandered back to the meeting six hours ago, and the way her body had warmed under Kyle's gaze. It had only been for a brief moment. Girl, you seriously need to get laid, that's all it is. There's nothing to the way he looked at you. You're imagining things.

“Good afternoon, Erin,” She jumped at the deep voice coming from her left. A glance over her shoulder confirmed what she already knew.


“Afternoon.” She fumbled to grab the chart in front of her, hoping he'd leave. He sat down next to her. His gaze singed her cheeks, but she couldn't look up; instead, she concentrated on the chart in front of her.

The memory of their first week working together came to her mind again. When she walked into the office, she'd been drawn to Kyle, who had sat in a chair across the small room, so arrogant and sure of himself. Kyle wasn't her type at all; she normally stuck with the safe, boring guys. Everything about him had screamed he was more. Just once, she wanted to take a chance and not do what everyone else expected. It had been time to let go and have some fun. Well, that's what she had wanted to do, and based on his flirting he’d seemed to be into her too.

For a moment, her mind drifted back to the dance they’d shared at the Christmas party three years ago. Against her best judgment, she’d said yes to Kyle's offer to dance. Really, what could one little dance do? Boy was that ever wrong, from the moment he’d taken her in his arms. She could feel the chemistry between them. The smoldering heat took over, and she couldn't think of anything but him, as fire raced down her spine, consuming her. Her mind told her to break the dance, that it had been a mistake, and yet she couldn't. The pull between them was greater than her need to move away.

Her gaze had traveled upward. His eyes had darkened, her knees had weakened, and it had taken everything in her to fight the strong attraction she felt toward him. She saw the unspoken question in his eyes. The song ended. "I'm sorry...I just can't," she had whispered and left him on the dance floor.

Instead of taking a chance on Kyle, she’d gone the safe route and starting dating Dr. Lopez. Someone she had thought was ready to settle down and start a family like she had been. Too bad the safe route had turned into the biggest mistake of her life. It had caused her to re-examine her plans. To wait until she was more established in her career before she seriously started dating again.

She continued pointedly ignoring Kyle, and relief washed over her when Jenny, one of her interns, walked up and said, "Here's the CAT scan report."

“Thanks,” she said, taking the report. She studied it. Erin closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead. This keeps getting crazier. She opened her eyes slowly to skim over the report again. Nothing had changed. “This makes no sense,” she whispered, more to herself than to anyone else.

“What's doesn't make sense?” Kyle asked.

Setting down the piece of paper, she turned to look at him. “I've got a three year old patient, and it shows he has no appendix, yet he has all the classic symptoms of having appendicitis. I don't get it; I've run every test I can think of.”

“Here, let me take a look at his chart.”

Erin handed him the chart and watched him as he read it. His eyebrows drew together as he concentrated. Her fingers itched to trace the scar above his right eye, and she wondered how he'd gotten the injury. He cleared his throat, jarring her back to reality.

“This doesn't make sense. Come on, I want to check him out myself.” Kyle stood.

Although she wasn’t crazy about his taking over like that, she was so relieved to have another brain working on the problem that she let it slide. Her bruised ego was nothing compared to the well-being of her young patient.

Kyle’s hand brushed against the small of her back as he let her precede him into the room. Shivers of pleasure raced down her spine so quickly they were gone in an instant.

* * *

What’s next? Do you have another book on the way?
I do. I just got a contract for my second book, and now I’m working on book three.

My Website: http://www.alyssa-fox.com/
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Please join Alyssa again tomorrow and meet one of her characters

17 July 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 17th July

Hi, I'm participating in Six Sentence Sunday for the first time, so thank you to all who come by.
The snippet is from my current contemporary release, Duty Calls, from Black Opal Books and available at Amazon.com

“Other than the fact you’re stretching our friendship very thin, if you think I’ll set foot on Kinsale territory again.”
Brilliant blue skies overhead offered a large playground for the early summer sunshine, and the fluffy white clouds sailing by. He saw the high chimney-tops through the trees.

“Do you really think I’d bring you here without a very good reason?” Arthur remained in his seat, his hands on the steering wheel, watching Rafe pace up and down the soft verge beside the open-topped car.

"I can't think of a single reason good enough that justifies you resurrecting events that nearly cost me my life, and possibly cost the life on an unknown woman."

For more details, please visit my website: www.sherrygloag.com



1) HAVE FUN!!!
3) THIS TOUR STARTS: Monday, July 18, at Midnight (Arizona Time)
THIS TOUR ENDS: Monday, July 25, at Midnight (Arizona Time)
Winners will be drawn and posted July 26th!

Authors have full discretion to choose an alternate winner in the event any winner fails to claim their prize(s) within 72 hours of their name being posted or after notification of win, whichever comes first. Anyone who participates in this blog hop tour is subject to these rules
As with my debut novel, The Brat, there were days while writing my current novel, Duty Calls, published by Black Opal Books,  I occasionally hit writer's block.  It didn't matter that the ideas filled my head, when I tried formulating these ideas on the page they evaporated like mist on a sunny day.  On this occasion days of frustration lead me to opening a blank document and just started writing.  I didn't pay attention to the content, the characters or the timeline, but at the end of a couple of hours I had the basis of a new venture and my first published short story.  I called this story Precious Treasures
Since the end of 2009 I have written several more short stories, seven of which have been succesfully published.  On that day my frustration gifted a new direction for my writing career. It also birthed the gift of confidence to try my hand at a 15k Valentine Cupid novella called The Wrong Target.

The comment 'write about what you know' is common, but there are some things you cannot 'know'. There are few people who have not heard of Stonehenge but few outside of Norfolk,UK and the archeologists involved, few have ever heard of Seahenge. 

Timber circle was gateway to the after-life . A circle of waterlogged wooden posts found on a remote beach in Norfolk, England, is transforming our knowledge of Bronze Age culture 4,000 years ago. 

 I watched the tv program about the removal of the henge - in the name of preservation, you understand - I also visited the reconstruction of the henge the Time Team archeologists built at a nearby site. Sadly the new henge has not fared as well as the original, but that's another story, which I may even have a shot at! LOL

The common denominator between the two henges is the power that eminated from them both when standing in their centre. It had me wondering about the people who built the original one, and the different climatic environment at the time. A couple of years ago I had a shot ot writing a story set around Seahenge. It hasn't seen the light of day yet, but who knows?

Over the centuries readers discover treasure of information and stories because authors of the day saw something special about their everyday environment and wrote about it. And now thanks to modern tecnology many of those ancient treasures are, once more, becoming available to todays' readers.

To win a prize, please answer all three questions below, and I'd love you to 'Follow' this blog.:-) 
The winner can select a bookmark of their choice for either The Brat, Duty Calls, or The Wrong Target.

To ensure entry into the contest, please remember to include your email information.
All winners on the blog will be drawn and posted on 26th.

~Good luck~

Where was the Seahenge discovered?
How old is Seahenge?
Which culture created Seahenge?

Next Blog Hop: Sibel Hodge                 

14 July 2011

QUESTION: Do blogs or serializing your novel on line really help build your brand name? Question provided by author Wendy Woods

In the days before blogging, 'getting your name out there' involved massive and convaluted methods of advertising, book tours - which once upon a time your publisher footed the bill for - and required huge blocks of time to travel from city to city for book signings, interviews and the likes.

Now - thanks to the net - you can sit at home and instead of meeting several hundred fans, hopefully, you can attract thousands. 

Does this happen overnight?  No, of course not!
Can you simply announce the arrival of your latest book, sit back, and wait for the stampede?  In your dreams!

It takes time and for some it takes longer than for others.  Why?

"You get back what you put out" kinda covers it, in a way.  The more books you write, the more people you are likely to attract.  If they like what you write, they want more.  But, if you keep them waiting too long they'll look elsewhere, and by the time your next effort hits the virtual and physical books shelves they may not bother to even give your latest book a look in.

So to feed your reader's appetites you must keep writing.

'OK!  I've got that.'  I hear you say.but then there's more.  People want/need to know more about you the author and your writing style and the only way to doo that is to write regularly on your own blog and guest on as many other blogs as you can.

Job done?  Not at all.  Visit other blogs and comment.  If you like to read your visitors' comments, others will be please to hear from you and they will reciprocate.  Not only do you begin to get your name out there, but the wonderful bonus is, you make an enormous number of new and caring friends. 

Social networks abound.  Some find them daunting, others love them.  Fact of life, if you want to reach new readers, then you have to get off your butt and get chatting.

Yes it takes time, and if you take a break, the reality is people have busy lives and will interact with those actively participating on the social blog sits. 

How do I know this?  I am one of those who has a hard tme getting my head round the social networking system.  And quite frankly if I don't make an effort then I notice the difference. 

So does blogging your brand name make a difference?


And in this day and age, we've never had it so good!

My website: http://www.sherrygloag.com/

Buy Duty Calls at http://tinyurl.com/6el9qef

12 July 2011

On A Wing and a Prayer

Origin:- This phrase originated with the WWII patriotic song Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer, 1943, by Harold Adamson and Jimmie McHugh, which tells of a damaged warplane, barely able to limp back to base:-  (You can find the lyrics HERE)

So what does this have to do with my blog?
This morning on my way to collect the paper I cam across what I thought was a baby bird in distress.  So imagine my surprise when I picked it up and recognised it as a Swift.  I took it home and let it rest in the warmth of my hand for almost an hour before it made any attempt to move around.

Then DH and I took it outside and attempted to release it.  Unfortunately, every time we encouraged it to fly it simply fluttered to the ground. 

I knew Swifts live their lives on the wing and that when they land they are unable to take off again because of the length and shape of their wings. So after several fruitless atempts, I rang round various places for advice.  Finally I connected with Diane from The Wild Bird and Owl Haven which is run as a non-profit, un-incorporated Association with Charity status applied for and is based in Norfolk, UK.

Until Diane told us, what I didn't know was that to release a swift you need to 'chuck it out of a bedroom window' too give it the height to fly freely with enough up-draft beneath its wings to keep it airborn!  Wonderful, we had a solution, but also we had a majorp problem.  We don't live in a two story property with high-level bedroom windows!

So what to do?

Sheds!  We have a couple of sheds in the back garden, so we hauled out the step-ladder, climbed onto a shed roof and hurled the little guy into the air.  Ans WOW!  He took off like a rocket, straight over the field next door.  We wer thrilled, and then amazed as several more Swifts joined it and flew round together for a few moments before taking off to higher realms after their natural food source.

6 July 2011

July and August Guest Blog Spots available

I still have some spaces available this month for romance authors who want a guest blog spot.  If you are interested please use the 'contact me' link to let me know.

August still has three guest blog spots, of variying duration, available.