31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Thank you to everyone who has shared my path during 2011.
I treasure your gifts of 'being' a part of my life.
And wish you all,
all the best for 2012

"Remember today, for it is the beginning of always. Today marks the start of a brave new future filled with all your dreams can hold. Think truly to the future and make those dreams come true."

27 December 2011

Tuesday Tales #4 -Wishes

Welcome back to this week's Tuesday Tales. And thank you to everyone who visited and left a comment last week.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

This week's prompt is 'Wishes'

“A source close to Pattie Cratchet revealed the film star told everyone at the New Year’s Eve party she wished she’d never entered the competition that brought her to the attention of today’s leading film director,.” The radio announcer’s plumy voice filled the elegant bedroom.

“According to the source, who wishes to remain anonymous, the world famous film star declared she missed her family and regretted that fame made it impossible to see them as often as she’d like.

“Records show that Ms. Cratchet comes third in the list of the most highly paid female film stars. For those who enjoy a less lucrative life this may seem surprising, as Ms Cratchet is often considered as the lady that has it all. Apparently, according to our informant, this is not the case.

“For someone who spends so much of her time in the public eye, very little is known about her personal life, and her family in particular."

“Turn that thing off.”

Her voice, muffled by the closed bathroom door, James took his time in responding. He’d lived with Pattie for seven years now, and the radio presenter’s comments brought home to him how little he too, knew of his partner’s life before they met.

“Why don’t you talk about them?” he asked when she entered the bedroom, one towel wrapped round her body and another round her head.

“What? Who?”

In the mirror he caught the shuttered expression on her face.

“Your family.” Stating the obvious, he sat up from where he’d been lounging against the pillows on the bed. “It’s true what that guy said. You never talk about them.”


It wasn’t anger he heard in her voice, nor was it indignation. She sat with her back to him and released the towel capping her wet hair, and dropped it on the floor. Her eyes, normally brimful with laughter were dark with emotion. The colour had drained from her face and without the mask of makeup, he noticed her pallor. Her throat bobbled.

Nerves, he wondered, or something more?

“Who was at the party last night that knows you so well they know something about your family, you don’t want revealed?”

“You have that backwards, James.”

A coldness he’d never heard in her voice before chilled him to the bone, and for a moment he regretted starting this conversation. But, he reminded himself, he’d suggested tonight’s dinner at a top restaurant to propose to her, to make their life together permanent. He dug his hand into his pocket and fingered the ring box tucked in there.

“Sheryl Stagwell is sore because she asked me if I had any brothers and I told her if I had I’d make sure she didn’t ever manage to get her avaricious claws into them.”

“That was asking for trouble,” James agreed with a grin, and rose from the bed and crossed the room to stand behind her and feather his fingers down her neck and over her shoulders and arms. “I don’t see them.”

Looking into the mirror, Pattie’s puzzled gaze met his satirical one.

“Claw marks, my dear. I don’t see any.”

With a gurgle of laughter, Pattie raised her arms, hooked her hands round the back of his neck and pulled his mouth down to meet hers.

“Randall pulled her away before she said anything else.” She switched on her hair dryer, and for several moments James watched her tease her hair into her preferred ‘naturally tousled’ look.

“Randall Stockman was there?” The presence of the world renowned classical pianist, and son of a former president, surprised him. He’d have been there himself if he hadn’t been wrapping up the final shoot of his own film, in London. He’d made it home to LA at four in the morning.

“Why not?” She tossed her head, sent him a defiant glare, inhaled a deep breath and added. “He’s my brother.”

The bottle of Pattie’s favourite scent he’d just picked up, slipped through his fingers, and fortunately, landed in the crumpled heap of damp towel.

“Randal Stockman is your brother?” Stunned into silence, his hand connected with the ring box. His partner was the daughter of a former president and he’d almost asked her to marry him. How had she managed to evade the publicity for so many years?

“See?” Sadness filled her voice and darkened her eyes. “Already your attitude to me is changing.” She clicked off the dryer. “All I’ve ever wanted is for the man in my life to see me for who I am, not for who my parents are.”

He couldn’t deny it. They’d lived together for seven years and in a second he’d begun to think of her differently. His fingers firmed round the little box and he pulled it from his pocket. Waiting for the right place, the right time, no longer mattered. Only Pattie mattered.

He dropped to one knee, took the dryer from her hand, tipped her chin up until she looked him in the eye.

“You’re right, I can’t deny it. For a second there, the thought of your influential family nearly sidetracked me. But in every other respect you are wrong. Nothing will deter me from asking you to marry me. I intended to ask you after dinner, but here and now feels more right.”

Her eyes rounded in surprise, narrowed with laughter and gleamed with delight.

Without a word she grabbed his head closer and kissed him, hard. “I love you so much. And for almost as long as I’ve known you I’ve wished to marry you. Now you’ve made my wish come true. Yes, I’ll marry you.”

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23 December 2011

TRS Cristmas Party 19th - 23rd December


Day Four
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Day Three
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Day One

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20 December 2011

Author Cheryl Yeko talks about Protecting Rose

Author Bio:

I live in Wisconsin with my husband Patrick. I love to read, write, play piano and spend time with my grandchildren.
I’ve spent most of my professional life as a legal assistant, but can also include realtor, small business owner, and virtual assistant/mobile notary to my varied background. I’m a member of Romance Writers of America as well as a Pro-Liaison for the Wisconsin Chapter.

My Journey to Publication.

Oh, what a difference a year makes. My husband, Patrick, bought me a kindle one Christmas and changed my life. I rediscovered my love of reading. I especially love romantic suspense and paranormal. After two years of marathon reading, I finally came up for air and was struck with an epiphany. I wanted to write a romance novel and I determinedly set out to learn the craft. I signed up for some online classes and buried myself in library books and started my manuscript for Protecting Rose.
I went into total book mode and for the next year, I spent every spare moment learning and writing. I work full time so I wrote in the middle of the night, on my lunch hour, after work, on weekends, anytime I had a spare moment. I was consumed with it. When I would start to burn out, I would pick up my Kindle and take time to read a book, and I was filled up again with motivation. It took a nearly a year to write and edit Protecting Rose.

Rescuing damsels in distress is all in a day's work for Detective, Nate Stone. After saving a beautiful woman from a burning car and assassin’s bullet, he vows to protect her. But the determined assassin always seems to be one step ahead of the game. Suspecting a leak within his Department, Nate takes her and runs. He soon discovers that the hardest part of the mission is resisting his desire for the woman who trusts him with her life.
She awakes in a hospital with no memory, only to discover that someone tried to kill her. Her only chance to survive an assassin’s game of cat and mouse is the man who saved her and who has promised to protect her. She may not know her past, but she knows her heart, and it longs for her protective warrior who ignites a passion in her she can't deny.

~ ~ ~

Imagine my joy and excitement when two out of the three publishers where I submitted, Protecting Rose, wanted to publish it. Then, to top off the year, it was chosen as a finalist in the 2011 launching a Star Contest. Life is good!

2011 has been a wild ride and I am looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings.

My future goals:
My Kindle library continues to grow at an alarming rate and I just added, Protecting Rose, to my bookshelf. Whoo Hoo! I hope to be working part time and writing full time in the near future, instead of writing part-time and working full time.

Wish me luck!

You can buy Protecting Rose at  - http://www.soulmatepublishing.com/protecting-rose/
Website: http://www.cherylyeko.com/
FB: mhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Cheryl-Yeko/167503089995030#!/pages/Cheryl-Yeko/167503089995030
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/cherylyeko
Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/eOJ9Tk5OokM

Tuesday Tales #3 Christmas

Welcome back to this week's Tuesday Tales. And thank you to everyone who visited and left a comment last week.

The promt today is 'Christmas' 

“Tell me about your favourite Christmas.” Melanie sat back and watched the two brothers stare at each other as if they’d been pole-axed.
“Surely you celebrated Christmas at the palace?” Concern for the royal siblings pushed her back in her chair.
“Well,” Liam hesitated, stared at her, cleared his throat and sat on the arm of her chair, which left his elder brother and the heir to the throne of a tiny European country bordering Switzerland casting a puzzled glance at both of them.
“We grew up with the knowledge that Christmas belonged to our people.” Henri started slowly, and when Liam nodded, settled on the other arm of Melanie’s chair. “It wasn’t like here in Britain where your Royals do a Christmas speech to the nation while holidaying in the wilds of Norfolk. We were physically on display.”
“What! All of you?” In sitting up Melanie nearly sent both brothers flying. “Surely you had some family time together away from the media spotlight?”
The following silence pounded in her head as she imagined the royal siblings on a palace balcony. One of those she’d laughed about the first time her husband introduced her to the palace. She couldn’t say her own Christmas’s had been full of joy, but those of the Gasquets’ carried a different kind of emotional deprivation. She knew from years of association with the King and his queen, they were good, loving parents, so why had they allowed their country to take precedence over their children’s needs on that one special day of the year?
“I thought mine were bad,” she muttered and started when Henri broke through her thoughts.
"What do you mean?” he asked.
“Fists for kisses.” Liam stated flatly, and with a reminiscent grin changed the subject.
“Do you remember that year when, after we came in from the first balcony appearance, we ran off and hid?”
Henri’s laugh eased the tension and redirected his thoughts to the ensuing mayhem. The whole palace had been turned upside down and the search involved everyone.
“We didn’t know anything about security because of threats from the insurgents, or the likes then. To us it was just a bid for freedom from the monotony of routine on a day when we knew from the television other people had a really joyful time.
“The parents even called in the air force to join the search.”
Melanie laughed aloud when Henri slanted a rueful grin in her direction.
“And all this time, you were where?”
“Where do you think four boys, up to no good, would go in a palace?”
“You didn’t!”
“We did!” Liam joined in his brother’s recollections.
“Weren’t you frightened? Wasn’t it dark and damp in the dungeons?” When the shook their heads she added, “I thought all dungeons were dark and damp.”
“No. Not at all.” Henri contradicted. “We often played down there and had managed to store a collection of candles, torches, packets of biscuits. And…” he paused before continuing in a conspirital tone. “We found some old chairs that had been junked at some time and a rickety old table from one of the other rooms down there.”
“We decided it was one of the warden’s rooms.” Liam added with glee. “When we went upstairs the whole place was in uproar. We were grounded for a week and the dungeons were locked up after that.”
The front door bell interrupted any further reminiscences. “That will be Monica.” Liam rose and departed to admit their visitor.
“Monica?” Henri’s eyes turned wary. “You’re not match-making are you?”
Used as she’d become to her brother-in-law’s directness, Melanie still found it disconcerting at times.
“Monica is my partner in the riding business,” she said primly, before adding firmly, “and I would never try to set her up with an unwanted partner.” Two could play the direct game, she thought. “She’s alone this Christmas and arranged to join us long before we knew you were visiting us too.”
Henri looked up when his brother re-entered the room and fought the shock that sucker-punched him in the chest when he studied the newcomer.
He’d heard the phrase, ‘hair like spun gold,’ and suddenly understood why some unknown man he’d formerly rubbished as witless had waxed lyrical. Her hair fell in soft waves to her shoulders before turning in. Her eyes reminded him of the emeralds in the royal vault back home. Large, round, and instead of reflecting colour hers held a myriad of emotions.
Skin like alabaster…
No! He shook his thoughts clear, her skin was rosy from the cold breeze outside, her lips held the ghost of a smile tinged with accusation and it was directed, he saw, at his sister-in-law.
She rose, shot across the room and threw her arms around her friend.
“It’s not what you think.” Melanie assured her, in gentle tones. “Remember we told you about trying to persuade Henri to join us this year?”
The girl nodded.
Well hardly a girl, Henri admitted as he slid his tongue  round inside his suddenly parched mouth.
“Well,” Melanie continued, “It was your suggestion we appeal to the king to get Henri to join us for Christmas—"
What? His eyes narrowed, this slip of a chit had schemed with Liam and Melanie to turn his life upside down? Anger and indignation warred with the throbbing south of his belt. Any thought of immersing himself in a holiday flirtation shot out the window.
Straightening his shoulders, his lips thinning, he bowed, and said in his most royal tone. “So I owe the total disruption of my life to you, do I? It’s always good to know who your enemies are.”
He ignored the shocked gasps from his family and kept his gaze fixed on the woman. What had Melanie called her? Something similar to hers, he remembered, and then it came to him.
Well, he thought grimly, he’d go to great lengths to assure this woman she was quite safe from him.

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18 December 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Today's 'Six' moves o  a little bit from yesterday's Sample, and as alway I appreciate your comments and thank you all for you company and support every week.

To celebrate the release of my new book From Now Until Forever by Astrea Press, I am sharing samples with you throughout December.

“Won’t it be easier if I sit at the table?”
“Our assailants may have left someone behind to watch this place. I see no point in making ourselves easy targets for our uninvited visitors.” Gently, she removed the bloodied cloth he’d pressed against his arm. “Let’s look at your wound,” she added, pushing forward onto her knees. She curled her tongue round her upper lip in a way so familiar, his love for her swamped him, leaving only wonder he’d found the other half of himself.

To celebrate the release of my new book From Now Until Forever by Astrea Press, I will share samples with you throughout December.

At the end of December I am giving away a PDF version of From Now Until Forever and will use random.org to choose one lucky winner from all the SSS comments received during December.

17 December 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples

Welcome to another Sweet Saturday Sample. And thank you to everyone who stops by every week. I hope you enjoy the sample my my latest release today.
There will be more tomorrow.

“Use this to stop the bleeding.” A dishtowel landed on the floor in front of him. “And put some pressure on the wound.” She slammed the outer door shut, cutting off the sunlight.
“It’s true.”
“What’s true?”
For a second a ghost of a smile tilted her lips before it faded again. Guilt for the loss sat heavily on his shoulders.
Because of his obsession to live a ‘normal’ life, he’d endangered Melanie. The ache in his arm threatened to steal his concentration. In his arrogance, why had he thought he’d manage to keep his identity and location hidden?
“You can smell your own blood.”
It warred with the forgotten bacon congealing on their breakfast plates on the table above him, the toast going stiff in the toaster, and the coffee that never made it to their mugs.
He pressed the cloth more firmly against his arm. He expected Melanie to join him, to seek safety. Instead she stalked to the window, rammed the gun butt against the lower windowpane, and focused her attention on the road.
“Care to explain why someone’s got you in their sights today?”
If he anticipated sympathy, he didn’t get it. The woman at the window had morphed into a hard, disciplined stranger before his eyes. Until this moment he’d assumed her to be his friend, his lover. Instead she’d covered his butt, protected him—.
A tenuous memory tapped his brain, demanding attention, only to vanish beneath the sound of Mel’s sudden approach.
He stared at the blood-­soaked cloth and wondered if he’d ever see his home and family again.

To celebrate the release of my new book From Now Until Forever by Astrea Press, I will share samples with you throughout December.

At the end of December I am giving away a PDF version of From Now Until Forever
and will use random.org to choose one lucky winner from all the SSS comments
received during December.

13 December 2011

Tuesday Tales #2 Holiday

Welcome back to this week's Tuesday Tales. And thank you to everyone who visited and left a comment last week.
The promt today is 'Holiday' 

Henri Pierre Gasquet hesitated before knocking on his father’s office door. They’d shared breakfast together less than an hour ago and talked over many things, including Henri’s killer schedule for the next several months. The king had given no indication of the need for a formal meeting this morning. With a fatalistic shrug, he knocked, waited a second, then turned the handle and entered the room.

“You wanted to see me?” Henri waited for his father to indicate he sit before dropping into the chair in front of the king’s desk.

“I have not been unaware of the burden you have carried since my heart attack a year ago. Combining your own commitments with those you took over while I recuperated would have felled a lesser man.”

Feeling the heat burn his cheeks, Henri shifted in his chair. The past twelve months had been tough, and for the last six, his advisors almost competed with each other in advising him to slow down unless he wanted to occupy his father’s hospital bed.

“I am also aware you have ignored your advisors to cut back. So I am decreeing that of this moment you are on indeterminate leave of absence.”

“What!” Shock propelled Henri form his chair, and anxiety chased him round the room while he tried to remarshall his scattered thoughts. “I don’t have time to take leave of any kind,” he snapped. “There is the ceremony for the opening of the new foundations for the bridge, that will connect the west of our country more directly with the east, this morning—” He tunnelled his fingers through his hair.

“This afternoon, I am talking to the backers of the new foundation for the riding for the disabled Melanie started; then I am giving a speech to the leaders of our financial sector.”

He planted his knuckles on his father’s desk and leaned forward. “I can’t just take off and leave them all in the lurch.” He pushed away. “It is ridiculous for you or anyone else to expect me to walk away from my duties. Who would take my place?” he challenged, knowing no one else carried his significance or weight to press the projects forward.

“I will.” His father’s bald statement rocked Henri back on his heels. “It is a year since my heart attack and for the most part I have accepted the dictates of my doctors and advisors, and am now taking a leaf out of my son’s book before my heir drops dead from physical and emotional exhaustion. So you, my son, are on leave until I say otherwise.”

A lenient parent in most things, there were times when his father’s tone brooked no argument. This was one of them Henri acknowledged. Feeling like a recalcitrant four-year-old Henri recognised that tone of voice now and sighed.

“What am I supposed to do?” For the life of him, Henri failed to conceal his sarcasm. “Twiddle my fingers? And for how long?”

“Until I say otherwise.” A beam of sunlight transformed the king’s thatch of grey hair to silver. His eyes conveyed simultaneous messages of understanding and determination. He rose and rounded his desk. Resting his hand on Henri’s shoulder, his tone gentled. “Get away, right away, and relax. Do you suppose I found it easy to watch you running yourself into the ground in your efforts to combine your schedule with mine? And now—? Now,” he paused, waited for a reaction Henri swallowed before continuing. “Now it is time for me to take up the reins again.

“The plane is waiting to take you to Scotland. Melanie and Liam hope you will remain with them for a couple of months at least, until you are fully rested. If the thought of staying beyond Christmas stifles you, Liam, did suggest if you could not tolerate remaining in one place that long, you take a leaf out of his book and travel the world for a few months.

“We are no longer faced with the same security problems the insurgents caused for your brother and Melanie, so if that is what you want to do—” The king’s face crinkled into genuine mirth. “I promise you, your body-guards are all well known to you.”

With a harrumph Henri failed to hide his amusement. Liam’s marriage to his protector was a standing family joke now.

“I gather you have talked with Liam and Melanie, and not doubt held a family conference on the matter, therefore I will go. I have no choice in the matter. But I’ll remind you, unlike my brother, I am prepared to marry for convenience. It worked for you and mother. I see no reason, why, if she is chosen with care, I cannot emulate your example.”

Henri wondered whether he imagined the shudder of distaste that flipped across his father’s face, it was gone so quickly.

“Your transport awaits you—” Was all his father said before wrapping him in a bear-hug. “Go talk to your mother before you leave.”

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12 December 2011



It was revealed on the news last night that the beckhams purportedly paid £35.000 for their Christmas trees.
While this is not the tree in question, it did get me thinking.  The newscaster - inspite of the roling ticker at the bottom of the screen stating 'trees' - implied they'd paid that amount for one tree, and maybe some people do.

But it got me thinking. We here talk every year about the commercialism of Christmas and yet we seem to be compelled to go out and shop until we drop every year, in order to offer gifts to our nearest and dearest.
Children's wish lists these days are enough to turn our hair as white as Santas

Sadly, I no longer have it, but my son carved a beautiful animal out of wood while at school and gave it too me for Christmas.  I treasured it at the time and still mourne the loss all these years later.  But... I still have the memory. I can still remember the anticipation on his face when he handed me the parcel.  I can still remember the overwhelming love surrounding the gift and all it represented.  So it iwas a bit scew-wiff, but I didn't care, to me it was beautiful, and worth more than a sleighful of gifts.
Several years later it was his father's turn to ''fill up'.  For several years, he'd been searching for a single jazz record.  He'd taped it off the radio, but didn't get the name of the tune or the artist.  On this particular Christmas our son handed him his gift, and when DH opened it, he cried, it meant so much to him.

No amount of money could or would better the value of those gifts to us.  In both cases our son spent time ensuring we received gifts we'd treasure. 

to you all, and thank you for being a part of my life.

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Astraea Press
The Wild Rose Press

Character Interview Series with Tricia Schneider

Tricia Schneider's Interview with a Witch and a Werewolf

My name is Tricia Schneider and I'm a paranormal romance author. I have two short stories currently available in The Merriweather Witches series. Since this is my very first official character interview, I decided to travel to the home of Lord Jeremy North in England and talk with the characters from my first short story, The Witch and the Wolf.

After knocking on the door for what seemed like several long, long minutes, I wondered if Lord Jeremy North had decided to ignore my request for an interview. He was temperamental at times. I shivered as the snow continued to fall and promised myself that if he or his man, Amery, didn't answer this door in another twenty seconds, I was driving to Caldwell House to interview Sebastian Collins from The Witch and the Vampire, instead. At least I knew Sebastian's butler would answer the door! A moment later, the door creaked open and my hero, Lord Jeremy North, stood upon the threshold looking sexy as hell with his dark hair and green eyes.

Jeremy: "Again? Why must it always be snowing in your imagination? And where's your cloak?"
Me: "Hello to you, too. I left my jacket in the car. I didn't think it would take an eternity for you to answer the door."

Jeremy: "What is a car?"
Oh, yeah. He's from the early nineteenth century. He doesn't know about cars, yet. Hmm...apparently I can travel time and cross oceans within seconds. All without a jacket. Awesome.
Me: "I meant carriage. Can I come in?"

Jeremy: "Of course." He moved aside, allowing me some space to enter. "You're not going to faint, are you?"
Me, following him in and shaking the snow from my hair: "No. Unlike Lillian, I have not been trudging through the blizzard for hours. And I can feel all my fingers and toes, so there's no need for you to help me undress." I paused, looking at him from top to bottom and reconsidered. "That is unless..."

Lillian appeared. She raised a dark eyebrow, catching that last statement from me and I blushed. So, okay, I had a crush on my hero. Who wouldn't?? But, Jeremy paid me no mind. His eyes and his heart were Lillian Merriweather's. In fact, he turned to her and his face brightened.
Lillian, however, is a forgiving sort, especially regarding her creator...me. She smiled warmly and came forward to take my hands in hers.

Lillian: "You're here. At last! Welcome!"
Me: "Yes, er, thank you."

After exchanging a few pleasantries, they led me into the drawing room where I found a nice, comfy seat. Lillian sat beside me and Jeremy sauntered over to the fireplace where a cozy fire warmed the room nicely.

Lillian: "Where shall we begin?"

Me, taking out my notebook and pen: "Well, my readers would like to know a little about you both. Maybe we can begin with how you met?"
Lillian: "Very well. I was running away from my evil Uncle Arden and his intentions to marry me off to one of his old...very old, friends. I found Lord North's house quite by accident when I became lost in a blizzard. He kindly took me in, even during some unforeseen circumstances."

She looked at Jeremy and smiled.
Jeremy: "Yes, once a month, during every full moon I send the servants away from the house. Only my man, Amery, remains with me. It was unfortunate that Lillian happened upon me during that particular moment. You see, I suffer from a curse. I'm a werewolf."

Me: "That must haven been awkward."
Jeremy: "As a matter of fact, yes. Of course, I could not explain to her. No one but Amery knew of my condition. We took great measures to keep people protected from the monster I become. When she arrived, we had great difficulty deciding what must be done."
Lillian: "To add to that dilemma, Lord North had no idea that I was being pursued. I fear, if he knew the truth, he'd have never opened that door, and I would have frozen on the doorstep!"
Jeremy, smiling with affection toward Lillian: "Of course, that's not true."
Lillian: "But, I had other secrets, too, did I not?"

Me: "Okay, okay, let's not give too much away. You know, I still want people to buy my book!"
Jeremy: "Well, that seems rather nonsensical. You've already given away our secrets from the title. Readers will know I am a werewolf and Lillian is a witch. The very identities we've sought to keep hidden, you've announced quite plainly for all to see."

Me: "Well, when you put it like that..."
Lillian: "Although, I haven't explained how Lord North handled having a woman in his house during a full moon. Or what happened when my uncle-"

Me, raising my hand: "Yes, I think that's enough. I don't want to overstay my welcome. I'm sure you want to get back to...whatever you two were doing. I have what I need now. Thank you both."

I stood, my notebook tucked safely under my arm. Lillian stood with me, smiling.

Lillian: "Of course, you want to get back to your writing. You have much to do."

Me, lifting my head to look at her: "I do? But, I wrote your story. And your sister's story. What else do I have to do?"
Lillian, smiling: "Melora and I are not the only Merriweather's in England, you know."

Me, startled: "Oh? And who are they? What's their story?"

Jeremy, sighing with impatience: "Is that not your duty? You are the author here. Go! You have stories to tell!"

See, I told you. Temperamental.

To buy The Witch and the Wolf :
The Wild Rose Press: http://www.thewildrosepress.com/the-witch-and-the-wolf-p-4136.html

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Witch-Wolf-ebook/dp/B003WQBDX2/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_2

About the Author:

Tricia Schneider is an author of paranormal and gothic romance fiction. Before the supernatural took possession of her pen, she worked in a bookstore as Assistant Manager and bookseller. Now she writes full-time while raising her 3 children. She lives in the coal country of Pennsylvania with her WWII re-enactor husband.

For more info about her and her books:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/authortriciaschneider
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/triciaschneider
GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/triciaschneider

11 December 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Today's 'Six' follows on from yesterday's Sample, and as alway I appreciate your comments and thank you all for you company and support every week.

To celebrate the release of my new book From Now Until Forever by Astrea Press, I am sharing samples with you throughout December.

“How am I supposed to keep the prince here?” Melanie had asked her boss several months earlier.
“You do whatever it takes.”
 His succinct reply left little room for interpretation, but she doubted he meant for her to tumble into love with the prince, let alone marry him.
By falling in love with and marrying Liam, she’d crossed the line from professional to personal.
Another mistake.

To celebrate the release of my new book From Now Until Forever by Astrea Press, I will share samples with you throughout December.


At the end of December I am giving away a PDF version of From Now Until Forever
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Character Interview Series ~ with Deena Remiel

Agremon Dishes About His Charming Self  By Deena Remiel
Please pardon the following blog post. I was going to write something completely different, but Agremon busted into my office and snatched my computer! Before I had a chance to get it back, he’d already written this and locked it so I can’t change it. Silly demon… doesn’t he realize I can write him out of a storyline? ~ Deena Remiel

Agremon Dishes About His Charming Self  By Agremon the Terrible

I’m gonna lay it on the line for all of you right now. If you wanna live, don’t mess with me. They call me Agremon, The Terrible, and I live up to that reputation. Don’t piss me off, don’t look at me funny, and don’t even breathe in my direction. I WILL come to you in your dreams and scare you literally to death. You’ve been warned.

Why am I such a delightful fellow? You try spending eternity being scorned by The Brethren and sucking up to Satan every freakin’ day. He has me running around his cult compound like I’m some grunt or slave. Okay, so I am his henchman, but where are the perks he promised me, I ask you? And now Satan… oh excuse me, he’s calling himself Namirha these days, is on my butt to find this kid he thinks is the answer to his gaining ultimate power over the world. Yawn. I’ve got something else in mind for her, but if I tell ya, I’ll have to kill ya. Now that doesn’t sound so bad come to think of it.

I guess I’m supposed to be talking about TRINITY, A Brethren Novel, but really, why would I want to acknowledge the Brethrens’ immortal existence when I’m more appealing and immortal, too? All right! So they look prettier than me. And women swoon over them. I used to look like them… once. Before I gained immeasurable power, that is. I’d much rather look like I do now. I scare the crap out of people and that suits me just fine. Not sure if it’s my razor sharp needle-like teeth, or the thorny protrusions all over my body that does it. It could be my charming personality. Whatever kills them, though, it’s all good to me.

Hey, I know you. You like sarcasm, a sharp wit, and bad demons. I come by all that naturally. When others are dying for Michael and Raphael trading cards, you’ll be clamoring for one of ME! Embrace your inner demon… start an Agremon fan club in your neighborhood. I promise to give you anything your measly, human heart desires. Now, get the hell out of here! You’ve wasted enough my time! Hell, I guess I should tell you to read Trinity, A Brethren Novel. But NOT for the Brethren! Read it because I’M in it!

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Decadent Publishing - http://www.decadentpublishing.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=trinity&osCsid=3cf628390ad0368577356f4fe90fe679
Amazon.com - http://tinyurl.com/3s9g5qr
Barnes and Noble- http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Trinity/Deena-Remiel/e/2940011230776/?itm=1&USRI=deena+remiel
1 Place for Romance - http://1placeforromance.com/romantic-fiction/trinity/prod_3953.html
All Romance eBooks - http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-trinity-509849-140.html

10 December 2011

Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome to another Sweet Saturday Sample. And thank you to everyone who stops by every week. I hope you enjoy the sample my my latest release today.
There will be more tomorrow.

Even her job guaranteed none of that.
She dialled again, updated her boss then let the memories in, while she searched for the gunmen.
She’d spent the last three years trailing the youngest son of the ruler of a largely unknown kingdom that held more wealth within its boundaries than many of the largest nations in the world. Some claimed its wealth rivalled, if not exceeded, Switzerland. And she’d spent the last six months married to him.

To celebrate the release of my new book From Now Until Forever by Astrea Press, I will share samples with you throughout December.


At the end of December I am giving away a PDF version of From Now Until Forever
and will use random.org to choose one lucky winner from all the SSS comments received.

9 December 2011

Character Interview Series: Lynda Kaye Frazier talks to Mercy

My name is Lynda Kaye Frazier and I write Suspense Romances. I’ve finished my first book, Rescued from the Dark, and I’m half way through my second. Yet to be published, but hopeful.

A little background on the story.

Rescued from the Dark:

What if you woke up from a nightmare to find you're trapped in a world of darkness, with no memory of how you got there? Rescued from the Dark is a passionate, gripping story about an FBI agent, Jason Michaels, who risks everything, even his life, to save Mercedes Kingsley, the FBI intern who stole his heart, then walked away.

Mercedes finds herself caught up in and International nightmare, trying to remember who she can trust and who she can't. With the kidnappers vowing to get her back, no matter what the cost, for their secrets that are locked in her memory. In a race against time Jason and Mercy struggle to fight their attraction, and put their differences aside, as they launch a manhunt with the FBI to save their country and each other.

I am interviewing Mercedes (Mercy) Kingsley. She is an FBI intern waiting on a response from her application to the Academy. She's struggling with her need to be part of the FBI and her attraction to a fellow agent, Jason Michaels, while hiding a secret that will destroy everything she has worked so hard to build.

Lynda: “Welcome Ms. Kingsley. I've asked you here to go over a few items in your application for the Academy. I’ve reviewed your paperwork and would like you to tell me about the incidents that caused your father’s retirement 10 years ago.”
Mercy; Mercy swallowed hard and rubbed her sweaty palms together. "It was a botched kidnapping that ended my father’s career." They just don’t need to know what else ended that night.

Lynda; “Could I have details please, I need it for the application. You failed to give information that we will need for the review board.”
Mercy: “My parents are partners in a software firm. There were threats made to the company and I was kidnapped because of them. My Father, and his partner Ron Daily, found out where I was. My Dad did not follow protocol and he came in without back-up. But because he did, I was saved. His career died that night and so did my dream to be an agent. I could not apply for the Academy as long as my dad struggled to get his life back. But, as you have read, it’s been 10 years and I realized that being an agent was the only think I wanted to do. So I pursued the internship and applied to the Academy.” Mercy’s heart was racing, stay in control, this will be over soon.

Lynda: “Are your parents fine with the decision? You know your father will be interviewed, and I know him. His opinion will be taken into account.”
Mercy: “I know how this will affect my parents but they will back my decision. I didn’t want to tell them until I had my acceptance letter.” Mercy swallowed past the lump of fear that swelled in her throat. I don’t want to tell them until I’m in the Academy. Ron said they weren’t going to talk to my dad. What changed?

Lynda: "I see that you had counseling after the kidnapping and treatment for anxiety. You also suffer from claustrophobia. Those are issues that need to be resolved before the board review. It will affect your ability to be an agent.”
Mercy: Mercy clenched her fists so tight her nails dug into the palms of her hands. How did they find out? Ron said no one would know, and I would have time to figure a way around it. What else can go wrong? “My counseling was complete and I was released. I attached my past medical records in my application. My issue with claustrophobia is in the past. That should also be stated in my medical papers.”

Lynda: “It is. I just wanted to hear you say it, and make me believe it. During the Academy you will be working closely with Ron Daily and his team. Will that be a problem for you? I see you have a close relationship with them, and a personal one with Jason Michaels. Have you read the rules Mercy? We have guidelines, and if this is an issue I want to know now.”
Mercy; Mercy’s chest tightened and her hands shook under the table. Her throat burned as she struggeled to catch her breath. She had to stop the panic attack before it ruined everything. It will kill her application quicker than that kiss. The memory still warmed her lips but she knew the rules, and the pain she saw in his eyes as she walked away will always haunt her. “It will not be an issue. Agent Daily and his team have helped me during my internship, and that’s all. We have a close working relationship only. Mr. Michaels and I do not have any kind of relationship, nor do we plan on having one. We both are aware of the rules and what is at stake if any are broken.”

Lynda: “Ok as long as you are aware that they will also be interview”
Mercy: Mercy took a deep breath as the phone rang.

Lynda: “I need to take this. I believe I have everything I need. I will contact you when the board reviews your application. Make sure you discuss this with your family. We will be contacting them soon”
Mercy quickly left room as her heart pounded in her ears. She had to find her parents and talk to them, but she had to see Jason first, if he’ll see her. Mercy swallowed past the fear in her throat. She has told so many lies to hide the truth, and hid a few secrets she’s not ready for anyone to know, and it’s all closing in on her fast.

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8 December 2011

Character Interview Series ~ HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME by Chicki Brown 2


I am continuing my interviews with the seven singles sharing a summer house in Beach Haven, New Jersey. Since I’ve previously talked with two of the women, today my subject is the most vocal of the male residents, college drama instructor, Ogden “Kip” Lee. When I step outside onto the back deck, I try not to show my reaction at finding him wearing only a pair of baggy shorts and a pair of sunglasses. Kip’s physical appearance is impossible to ignore. I honestly expect him to cock an eyebrow and ask if I can smell what he’s cooking.

Hot Fun in the Summertime by Chicki Brown – On Kindle http://amzn.to/dWZSxA and Nookhttp://bit.ly/k4Z172

Kip: (clasping his hands behind his head and his biceps suddenly expand like he blew them up with a bicycle pump.) “So, what can I do for you?
Me: (Wow, loaded question. I sink into the cushioned Adirondack chair next to him and place my recorder on the table between us.) Do you mind?

Kip: Not at all, sweetheart.
Me: (Normally I would’ve launched into a speech about political correctness after being called sweetheart by a man I just met. But somehow I sensed that he didn’t mean it in a condescending way.) You know I’ve already spoken with Shontae and Kinnik, but before I leave I’d like to get the male perspective on your summer arrangement. Why are you here?

Kip: (removes his shades and rests them on the table) You mean the ladies didn’t give you their opinions already?
Me: They did, but I’d like to hear it from you.

Kip: No reason to front. I’m only here to relax and party. No goals. No ulterior motives. I work hard while school is in session, but once vacation starts I leave Professor Lee in New York and go back to being just plain old Kip.
Me: (thinking there was nothing at all plain about this chocolate Adonis) So, how do you see things going this summer?

Kip: (scratches his chin and smiles) To tell you the truth, nobody ever knows how it’s going to go. This summer I’m the only one who’s not waiting for something. They’re all on some kind of countdown.
Me: Which of the countdowns do you see coming to fruition?

Kip: From what I’ve picked up from listening to the women, Jo’s hoping Walt pops the question. It’s not happening, if you ask me.
Me: What do you mean?

Kip: (snickers) Walt’s been married twice, and he and Jo have been together five years. I know what a man looks like when he’s content, and in my opinion he looks pretty content with things just the way they are. Doc has a plan, and for his sake, I hope Linda’s finally ready.
Me: Why?

Kip: (sighs and then smiles) Because he’s banking on it. Ever since last summer, he’s basically taken himself out of circulation for her. If it were anyone but Lin, I’d say he made a stupid move.
There are too many women in this world to sit around waiting for one to decide whether she wants you or not. I don’t think she’d do it on purpose, but I hope Lin doesn’t end up jerking him around.
Me: You said everyone is waiting for something. I didn’t get that impression from Kinnik.

Kip: (chuckles) As long as there are men around, K always has a target. I’m afraid she’ll use her mojo on Devon.
Me: Afraid? Why?

Kip: Shontae won’t have a chance if K aims both barrels at my boy.
Me: She is stunning.

Kip: Kinnik isn’t just beautiful. She’s got skills. (He winks, and I choose to let the comment slide.)
Me: But Shontae seems to be a really sweet person.

Kip: (frowns) She is, and that’s the problem. Sometimes being sweet can work against you. She doesn’t know how to fight dirty. It’s not in her. Fighting dirty is all Kinnik knows. I just hope I don’t end up having to pry their claws out of each other.
Me: I understand you invited Devon this year. Do you see him fitting in with a group that’s been together three years?

Kip: Devon can adapt to anything. That’s why he’s such a good actor.
Me: From what I’ve seen, you folks are in the minority here on the island. Does that bother you?

Kip: (The way his mouth twists, I see I’ve hit a tender topic.) Not me.
Me: Do you think your neighbors are as open minded?

Kip: No matter what their attitudes are, I’m still gonna do Kip. The neighbors don’t have anything to do with my social life. Besides the ladies vacationing in Beach Haven don’t have any problems with it. As far as I’m concerned, women are women. I believe in equal opportunity.
Me: Well, I hope your summer turns out to be all you’re expecting.

Kip: (scans me from head to toe before returning his sunglasses to his face with a devious smirk) Oh it will. Why don’t you stick around for a few days? You’d fit right in.
Me: (feeling a bit uneasy from his scrutiny and the underlying sensuality in his tone) Thanks, but I have a deadline to meet and my editor won’t take any excuses. It was great meeting you, Kip.

Kip: (clasps his hands behind his head once more) You too, sweetheart. If you change your mind, we’ll make room for you.

On Kindle and Nook: http://amzn.to/dWZSxA & http://bit.ly/k4Z172

You can follow Chicki Brown at:
Website: http://www.chicki663.webs.com
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7 December 2011

Interview with Jana Richards, author of “The Girl Most Likely”

Jana Richards has tried her hand at many writing projects over the years, from magazine articles and short stories to full-length paranormal suspense and romantic comedy. She loves to create characters with a sense of humor, but also a serious side. She believes there’s nothing more interesting then peeling back the layers of a character to see what makes them tick.

When not writing up a storm, working at her day job as an Office Administrator, or dealing with ever present mountains of laundry, Jana can be found on the local golf course pursuing her newest hobby.

Jana lives in Western Canada with her husband Warren, along with two university aged daughters and a highly spoiled Pug/Terrier cross named Lou.

Interview with Jana Richards, author of “The Girl Most Likely”
Cara McLeod here, your host of our local events TV show, Rochester Noon. Today Finn Cooper will be my co-host as we interview writer Jana Richards. Jana is a special guest for us because she’s written a novella featuring Finn and me and our rocky road to happily ever after. Without further ado, let’s begin the interview.

Cara: Welcome Jana! Thank you for being our guest today.
Jana: Thank you for inviting me.

Finn: Is this your first time on live television? It’s a bit unnerving, isn’t it?
Jana (staring nervously at the camera): Yes, this is my first time. Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Cara: (handing her a glass of water) It’s probably you. Now Jana, as I said, you’ve written a story about Finn and me called “The Girl Most Likely”. How did you come up with that title?
Jana: (takes a sip of water) You inspired it, Cara. In high school you were the girl voted most likely to have the perfect marriage, as well as being voted most likely to be running a Fortune 500 company by the time you were thirty. And since this story is about you and your fellow Class of ’85 classmates and your 25th high school reunion, the title seemed appropriate.

Cara: Yeah, well, those things didn’t pan out for me. My first marriage failed and I’ve never run any Fortune 500 companies.
Finn: (taking her hand) Maybe things didn’t turn out the way you envisioned in high school but in the end, things turned out great.

Cara: (smiling) They really did, didn’t they? Life doesn’t always give you what you want, but sometimes it gives you what you need.
Jana: Aren’t those the lyrics to a Rolling Stones song?

Cara: Jana, let’s get back to you. Why did you feel the need to tell our story?
Jana: When the call came for submissions for reunion stories from The Wild Rose Press, I looked at possibly writing the stories of some of your other classmates, but it was your story and Finn’s that really called to me.

Finn: Why us? What makes our story different?
Jana: Well, for a start, Finn, you’re eight years younger than Cara. That’s a little different from a typical romance novel couple. Then there’s the whole weight thing. I knew many readers would be able to relate to Cara’s struggle to lose weight and look good for her high school reunion, especially when her ex-husband was going to be there with his new hot, young girlfriend.

Cara: I had to shape up for the reunion. I still had a little pride left.
Jana: But what I found out in the writing of this story was that Finn could totally relate to Cara’s desire to lose weight. You could understand the struggle she faced to get fit, couldn’t you Finn?

Finn: Totally. I was once obese myself. Through healthy eating and exercise over a two year period, I lost 128 pounds.
Jana: No one looking at you now would believe you were once fat. It took unbelievable strength of character to get where you are now. You’re amazing, not to mention totally gorgeous.

Cara: (smiling fondly at Finn) Right on both counts, Jana. Finn is gorgeous and amazing. He’s also a terrific physical trainer as well. He helped me get in shape.
Finn: After I lost the weight I wanted to change everything about my life. So I become a trainer to help others get healthy.

Cara: (turning to Jana) What else besides Finn’s weight loss makes “The Girl Most Likely” a little different?
Jana: I think it’s different because rather than being an outsider in high school, you were one of the popular kids. In many reunion stories, an outcast in high school returns to triumph over the popular kids who were mean to him back then. I love those stories, but I wanted to tell your story because you were exactly the opposite. You were popular in high school and now you’re returning to the reunion as a loser.

Cara: (wincing) That’s harsh.
Finn: Cara’s never been a loser, and never will be.
Jana: Maybe not, but you felt like a loser, didn’t you, Cara? You worried that people at the reunion would either pity you or laugh at you because your perfect marriage failed, your perfect figure went south, and your career consisted of being a junior assistant at a TV station. Serving coffee to guests of Rochester Noon was hardly the career you’d envisioned for yourself in high school.

Cara: No, I thought I’d be an executive with a six figure salary by the time I was thirty. So much for that idea. But my marriage wasn’t a total waste. Even though it failed, I have two beautiful daughters that I’m very proud of.
Jana: I know you are and I think you’re a terrific mother. But what makes “The Girl Most Likely” really different is Finn’s secret.

Cara: Finn’s secret?
Finn: How did she find out about that? Did you tell her?
Cara: Well, I might have mentioned it in passing…
Finn: (groans) Does everybody know?
Jana: Only people who read the book. Or see this interview. Finn Cooper is an unusual romance hero because he’s a—

Finn: Cut to commercial! Quick!

Sherry, Jana here. Thanks for having all three of us on your blog today. I hope you enjoyed the interview!
Sherry:  I did indeed, thank you for visiting with us today And thanks too, to Cara and Finn for doing such a terrific interview.

Cara McLeod, the girl most likely to have the perfect marriage, is now divorced and, in her own words, “fat, frumpy, and over forty.” The thought of facing former classmates—and the ex-husband who dumped her—at her high school reunion terrifies her. Cajoled into attending by her kids and her best friend, Cara enlists help at the gym to lose weight and look great for the reunion. Personal Trainer Finn Cooper is more than willing to help—but does he have to be so to-die-for gorgeous?
Finn thinks Cara is perfect just the way she is. She’s everything he wants in a woman, except for one thing—she can’t get past the fact that he's eight years younger. To Finn, age and weight are just numbers. But can he convince Cara the numbers she worries about add up to only one thing for him—love?

He chuckled. “Jessica better watch her back. You could give her a run for her money.”
He heard Cara’s throaty laugh, and various parts of his anatomy tingled in response. “Yes, that’s my evil plan. Take over Rochester Noon, then the world.”
“If you set your mind to it, I’m sure you could do it.”
“Thanks Finn.”
“For what?”
“For believing in me.”
“Are you going to be okay now?”
“Yes, I’m fine. Thanks to you.”
He wanted so badly to tell her he loved her, adored her, thought she was the most amazing woman in the world. But fear stopped him. Was she truly over her ex-husband? Why else would losing weight for the reunion be so important to her if not to impress Peter?
“I’ve got to run. Thanks again. I’ll talk to you later at my condo, right?”
“Absolutely. I can hardly wait to hear about your big TV debut. Break a leg. Isn’t that what they say in show biz?”
She laughed. “Yeah, that’s what they say. Bye.”
Finn replaced the receiver and closed his eyes. He hoped everything went well with this interview. Cara deserved to realize how amazing she was.
If she did come to that realization, would there still be room in her life for him?

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