28 April 2014

Tuesday's Tales ~ Flying


Welcome to Tuesday's Tales
This week's prompt word is flying, and so I have gone back several scenes in my wip Born Again.
“It’s over six months since your Gran died,” Peter Gimble grumbled into the phone. “I could understand you needed time to sort the old girl’s affairs and put the house on the market, but no, you have to up and take off on a tour round the country. And in the middle of winter…”
She’d heard it all before. So the time factor changed. Increased, but what did Peter have to moan about? Yes, she’d taken time out to sort her Gran’s affairs, and no, she hadn’t put the house on the market. Somehow she still couldn’t bring herself to cut that final cord to the only family she’d ever known.
And no, she hadn’t been flying around the country wallowing in a pity-party, as he’d dared to accuse her off, was it three weeks ago? She couldn’t remember. He’d be kicked back in his office, with his custom made Italian shoes up on the ancient oak desk.
She could see him now pushing the family photograph as close to the edge of the desk as he dared. Everyone, other than his wife, knew it was there as a token symbol and only remained out on display because he was never sure when his other half would descend upon him.
The all-powerful musical magnate quavered when he heard his wife’s voice in the office.
At least he had a family. She’d thought hers was perfect. Well as perfect as it could be under the circumstances. Had loved her grandparents for taking her in when they could just as easily put her into the state system. In hindsight it was amazing they didn’t.
If they had, she’d never have learned the truth and they could have ditched the life-long guilt that, according to Gran, weighed them down for the whole of their lives.
The persistent squawking in her ear jarred her out of her musings.
“Peter.” Unable to keep the impatience out of her voice she took a deep breath and started again. “Peter, I told you, I will send my latest score before the end of the week. So far you’ve asked for six pieces, and liked five of them. Remember I wrote them without seeing the film.”
“I’m aware of that,” Peter interrupted. “But I have suggestions and we need to get together and work them through.”
They didn’t need to. He wanted what he always wanted.
Her attention. 
If given the chance Peter would run her life for her.

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23 April 2014

Author Spotlight ~ Deborah Kreiser

If Deborah Kreiser had three wishes, they would include: a lifetime supply of calorie-free chocolate, a self-cleaning house, and the ability to expand time as needed. When not dreaming of her next plot, she works as a school librarian in Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters.
THREE WISHES, my YA debut from Astraea Press:
Tall and lanky, Genie Lowry is only noticed at academic awards assemblies—until the day she turns 17 1/2, when her body changes from Kate-Hudson-flat to Katy-Perry-curvy—and she finds out she’s a real, live genie. Suddenly, every guy at school is paying attention to her, including Pete Dillon, her never-in-a-million-years crush.

But to gain her full powers and keep her new body, Genie has to find a master, and she’s not sure if Pete’s Master (or Mr.) Right. With help from her dead mother’s interactive diary and an imposing mentor with questionable motives, Genie uncovers the family history and genie rules she never knew. She grapples with her new powers and searches for the perfect master as she tries to make her own wishes come true.
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20 April 2014

Sunday Snipppet 20-04-14

This week I am sharing a snippet from 
He's My Husky
A light paranormal romance.
Release date April 22nd.
Emma acknowledged the same intensity in Max as he stared at his son in the framed pictures.
Startled by Sue’s touch on her arm she spun around.
“I knew Shane reminded me of someone but never realised who it was until he—” She pointed at Max. “—turned up this morning.”
They stared at the man still absorbed in the photographs.
“Didn’t he know?”
“He knew!”
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16 April 2014

Paula Martin and Irish Inheritance

Please welcome fellow author and friend Paula Martin today. She is talking about her latest novel Irish Inheritance and how and why she picks her settings.
Paula Martin lives near Manchester in North West England and has two daughters and two grandsons.

She had some early publishing success with four romance novels and several short stories, but then had a break from writing while she brought up a young family and also pursued her career as a history teacher for twenty-five years. She has recently returned to writing fiction, after retiring from teaching, and is thrilled to have found publishing success again with her contemporary romances.

Apart from writing, she enjoys visiting new places. She has travelled extensively in Britain and Ireland, mainland Europe, the Middle East, America and Canada. Her other interests include musical theatre and tracing her family history.
Setting my novel in Ireland
I tend to set my novels in places I know, or at least have visited, and as I’ve done quite a lot of travelling, I have a wide choice of possible locations. In a sense, however, I don’t actually ‘choose’ because as soon as I start thinking about a story, it seems to decide its own setting.
That was certainly the case with ‘Irish Inheritance’. Although the original idea came from an article about a Paris apartment that had been abandoned over 70 years ago, I knew my story would be set in Ireland, not in Paris. I even had the first few sentences in my mind:
“A house in Ireland?” Jenna Sutton stared over the mahogany desk at the lawyer. “Someone I’ve never heard of has left me a house in Ireland?”
I did then have to make a decision about exactly where in Ireland this house was going to be, but that was fairly easy to decide, as the part of Ireland I know best is the west coast – especially the counties of Galway, Clare, and Mayo. I deliberately kept its exact location fairly vague, apart from saying it was a few miles from the small town of Clifden in western Galway (because I know there are no large Victorian houses in the specific area I was actually imagining!)
In this case, I’ve used the name of a real town, but in my other novels, I have sometimes given a real town or village a different name. This allows me to take some liberties with the topography of the place, and also to move buildings around!
When Jenna and Guy, my hero and heroine, take a trip across Ireland to the east coast, I was able to draw on my memories of similar trips, and so they visited some of the places I’ve visited, such as Galway City, the Cliffs of Moher, the remains of the medieval Glendalough monastery and the wild area of the Wicklow Mountains.
They explore the small town of Dalkey on the east coast, and I had no problems with this, as I have been there several times. I was delighted when my Irish beta reader (whose assistance I had requested in checking my Irish facts) said she thought I had the atmosphere of the town “just right.”
This comment sums up why I feel happier using locations that I know personally. Not only because it means I can see the place in my mind but also because I have absorbed some of the atmosphere, which I hope my readers will experience. That’s why I have been over the moon when reviewers of ‘Irish Inheritance’ have made comments like, ‘Paula's description of the scenery and charm of the Irish countryside is amazing,” and my favourite comment, “(The) evocative descriptions of Ireland’s countryside linger even once the story is finished.”
Blurb for ‘Irish Inheritance
English actress Jenna Sutton and American artist Guy Sinclair first meet when they jointly inherit a house on the west coast of Ireland. Curious about their unknown benefactress and why they are considered 'family', they discover surprising links to the original owners of the house.
They soon unravel an intriguing tale of a 19th century love affair. At the same time, their mutual attraction grows, despite personal reasons for not wanting romantic involvements at this point in their lives.
A local property agent appears to have her own agenda concerning the house while other events pull Jenna and Guy back to separate lives in London and America. Friction builds over their decision about the house and its contents.
Will their Irish inheritance eventually bring them together – or drive them apart?
Available from Amazon USA     Amazon UK
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7 April 2014

Tuesday's tales - Lemon

Welcome to Tuesday's Tales
This week I'm returning to my WIP Born Again. Amanda has returned to her bed & breakfast accommodation after rushing away from the fairground... 
The scent of lemon furniture polish assailed her the moment she opened the bedroom door, ousting recent events at the fair ground allowing loss and guilt to fill the vacuum.   How come she hadn’t noticed the scent when she was first shown into the room earlier in the day?
The night she’d learned of her origins. The night that weird happenings in her late grandfather’s room sent her scuttling back to her grandmother.
The night her life changed forever.
She pushed the door closed behind her, looked round the bed and breakfast accommodation and wondered whether she should cancel her second night’s booking and leave first thing in the morning.
What was she doing here anyway? It was just another destination in her self-imposed ‘time-out’ to try and find herself. But that would never happen while she aimlessly wandered from one end of the country to the other.
Where had that thought come from, and was it true? Was she running from her past, too afraid to face a future without the solid foundations she’d grown up with?
They hadn’t gone anywhere, had they?
Yes!  They had. However much she tried to hang onto the love lavished on her all her life, the lies, like a smoke screen, kept blurring the reality.
Shock kept her where she stood, her back to the door, the queen sized bed in front of her, and moonlight drifting in through the window to her left.
Was she running? She thought, if anything, she was working up the courage to start a search for her true family. But… There was that hateful three-letter word again. The one that knocked the props out from beneath all her good intentions.
Should she try?  Was it fair to the people to dredge up the past again? They probably moved on and not want to revisit the era of what surely must be their greatest pain.
But… The not knowing. If it was her, she knew the not knowing would eventually destroy her. If not physically…
On legs threatening to give way she staggered to the bed and dropped down.
A blast of music from the fair ground filtered through her window.
Something about the two men bothered her. If she stayed and tried to find out—what? What was is about them that stirred her psyche? Within all the metal confusion buzzing around in her brain, the one certainty that she’d never set eyes on either of them before remained steadfast. So why did they refuse to budge out of her head?
She looked at her travelling clock on the bedside table. Ten-thirty. Not dark, but dark enough for the moon to spread her light around the room.
The knock when it came didn’t surprise her.
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6 April 2014

Sunday Snippet 6th April

This week I am sharing a snippet from my upcoming release,
He's My Husky
A light paranormal romance.
  No! It wasn’t happening. Sue’s news had unsettled her, forced old memories to the surface. Her imagination was playing tricks on her. But the apparition kept on coming.
The man approaching their table was no phantom.
“Max?” What was the father of her almost ten-year-old son doing here? Now? And — the thought almost pole-axed her — how did he know where to look for her?
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