3 August 2019

My Daughter's Wedding ~ Claire Baldry


My Daughter’s Wedding by Ms Baldry is the first of her books I have read, and won’t be the last.

The background for this unusual, and charming, romance is set within a ‘complex family situation’. 
Ms Baldry gives her readers a story with many different threads and you have to admire her writing skill in the way she weaves the all together so smoothly you are hardly aware of the change of perspective and depth of the story it is such a flowing read.
There is a large and active cast of characters, and it is Ms Baldry’s remarkable presentation of these characters that makes My Daughter’s Wedding stand out. I will admit I was caught out on a couple of occasions, but one further sentence clarified the situation without this reader having to backtrack.
My Daughter’s Wedding begins with various family and friends attending Uncle Jack’s funeral, and hooked my attention within a few sentences. The unexpected structure of the story threw me on a couple of occasions, but as it progressed simply amplified Ms Baldry’s writing skills.
Family matters. Every thread within the story highlights the complex issues of the consequences of family actions within and beyond the family unit. All the way through My Daughter’s Wedding, the growing romance between Angie, mother of the bride, and Martin, father of the wedding planner, highlights this.
This is a delightful story, beautifully written of second-chance love, generational discord, wisdom and patience, and is a book that is hard to put down once you have started.
If, like me, you have never read any of Ms Baldry’s books, I highly recommend that you start with My Daughter’s Wedding.