19 May 2014

My writing process

The Writing Process Blog Hop rolls on with
Please hop on over and say 'hi' to them both. I'm an avid reader and love to learn more about the authors I enjoy reading. :-)

6 May 2014

Tuesday's Tales ~ Free

Welcome to Tuesday's Tales
This week's prompt word is free, and so I have picked a new scene in my wip Born Again.
It seemed to be a happy town. They had some kind of festivities going on in the park today that spilled over into the streets, with stalls, their gaily coloured awnings blowing in the breeze. Children ran up and down, carefree in the no-car zone street, which yesterday had been packed with vehicles. Adults strolled along some alone, others, couples holding hands. Behind the scenes Amanda assumed there’d be stress, but looking out of her bedroom window everything looked like one big celebration.
The weather, too, was offering support with the sun climbing in the sky, and pretty little white clouds floating past, some more speedily than others. Music, all jumbled up, blared from the fairground set up on the edge of the park, which was enjoying a busy trade. A group of three adults passed beneath her window and she watched them head for the park. Due to the number of friends who stopped their progress she didn’t think they’d make it anytime soon. It warmed her heart to see the man, taller than his grey-haired companions, sling a careless arm round the woman’s shoulders, while with the other, he cuffed the other man on the arm and they all laughed.
A pang of loss shot straight o her heart. This time last year she and her grandmother used to go everywhere together. Now she was on her own. The woman left a gaping hole in her heart and she still didn’t know what to do to fill it. She shrugged it away. No point feeling sorrow for herself on this gorgeous morning. Better, by far, to go out there and join the crowds.
It didn’t matter that she’d originally intended simply to stay the one night and move on, as she had since selling her grandmother’s house. Perhaps her friends were right and she’d made decisions to soon after the funeral, but Amanda needed to find herself. To discover her true self. So she’d cut ties with her past and been moving ever since.
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5 May 2014

My Writing Process Blog Hop ~ 5th May

My lovely author friend Debi O’Neille,  invited me to participate in today's Writing Process Blog Hop. The idea behind this blog hop is for readers to meet new author they may not otherwise come across, so... in advance, thank you for joining me today, and a big thank you to Debbie for inviting me to join in.

What am I working on?
While I have several works in progress at the moment, the one I am concentrating on is called Born Again and is going to take quite a while to complete because it requires a lot of research into technicalities and background.
It hasn't helped that I recently participated in a wonderful workshop about deep pov and now I feel I have to pretty much start over on this project!! LOL.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I find this a difficult question to answer. I'd like to think it is because my writing voice is just that - mine. It may have limitations, within the genre, but I prefer to think of it as changing scenery on a journey. We all take journeys, and even if we travel the same route, we may notice different things.

Why do I write what I do?
Because I love reading romances. I like books that have a 'feel-good-factor' ending. And the genre of romance covers just about every other genre in existance. It is just the slant that is different. 
How does my writing process work?
I wish I could say 'smoothly' but that would be an 'economy of the truth'. Like most writers, on a good day it flows, the ideas pile up like kids in a playground waiting to be noticed and chosen. On other days, I wonder what I'm doing sitting in front of the computer and waiting for inspiration. (Which is why I have so many WsIP - I keep switching in the hope something will work!)
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I am hoping that two distinctly different writers will agree to carry this blog hop forward and will add their connections as soon as I have details.
I am delighted to announce that Jeff Salter will share his writing process with you at Take Two  Romance on the 19th May.
And that David Knight is sharing his today, 8th May, at http://www.ascensionforyou.co.uk/blog/?p=1865 .
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My latest project, The Magpie Chronicles, a collection of thirteen short stories of mixed genre, is due for release in the next few days.

4 May 2014

Sunday Snippet

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He's my Husky
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This week I am sharing a snippet from 
He's My Husky 
“He knew!” Emma fought to quell the her increasing resentment battling for supremacy.
Too many years had passed to allow redundant emotions to control her again.
He almost jumped out of his skin when she laid her hand on his shoulder. Wherever he’d gone, it was somewhere far away from his immediate surroundings.
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He's My husky is available form:-
and other online outlets.
4.0 out of 5 stars Beuatiful May 4, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
Im not very good at writing reviews without giving away spoilers. I will keep this as short as possible. This is the first time that I have read anything by Gloag. I was not disappointed. I am not fond of novellas at all but I was very impressed with this story. It was well written and had strong characters. It was easy to relate to. I look forward to reading more of Gloag's work!
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